*****Sad post alert***** Thank you Nicola Holland Sensei

For many years Nicola Holland Sensei has been working at Red Tiger Karate, sharing her knowledge and inspiring others to learn and enjoy karate.

Having joined our Bury class back in 2008 as a white belt, who had just had a baby and suffered with low self esteem, Nicoa Sensei always worked really hard and enjoyed her karate with a passion and enthusiasm that is very rarely seen. She quickly climbed through the grades and began working in our office, helping Paul Sensei and Rachael Sensei to build and manage the Club. She spent much of this time working hard and having a laugh but also acting as referee between two strong minded characters who like a good row! She liked to try and stay neutral but she always knew that it was Sensei Rachael who is always right! Hahaha!

Nicola Sensei was one of the very first students to qualify as an Assistant Instructor and then onto Class Instructor at Chesham Primary School. This class was a tremendous success and she went onto open more and more classes and become a Full-Time Instructor. To this date, she has always been the most creative and successful full-time Karate Instructor we have ever had.

She continued to develop her karate and grow in confidence, grading right up to Nidan Black Belt. Nicola Sensei has enjoyed so many memorable achievements both as a practising karateka but also as an Instructor. Her tournament teams were formidable and Nicola herself was a highly successful competitor. She has always supported every event and every direction the Club has headed. She has always been right beside us every step of the way.  She has taken students from white belt to black belt and changed many lives for the better. She has created many Instructors and last year was there to see her very first student receive the ultimate honour of Student of the Year (Jake Gould).

Nicola Sensei has been unable to train for quite some time due to an injury but throughout this frustrating time, she remained an active Instructor, helping out at every opportunity she could and kept herself involved. She recently received the news that no karateka ever wants to hear. She can no longer physically do karate due to a long term health condition and for that reason has stepped down from her role.

Nicola Sensei will always be a huge part of Red Tiger Karate. She has built a legacy that will remain in place and taught the very Instructors who will now try to step into her shoes. There is no doubt they are big shoes to fill, but Nicola has taught them all very well and enabled them to continue to seek a great standard and teach enjoyable lessons. Nicola Sensei will be greatly missed by not only her students who she taught and inspired week in week out, she will also be missed by the parents and the Instructor team. Especially Paul Sensei and Rachael Sensei.

We would like to thank Nicola Sensei for everything she has done for our Club and for us personally. We are so sad to losing a such great Instructor and we hope that she knows she will always be part of our Club and we hope to see her regularly. We have great respect for Nicola and want to thank her for the last 9 years for being a such a fantastic lady to work with. Always smiling, always positive, so caring, loyal, hard working, a brilliant karate student and a such wonderful friend.

You will be staying on our website as one of our team because no injury can ever take away the grade you achieved and the title of Instructor that you earned.

We will continue to develop good karate in the classes you created and please feel free to visit as often as you like. The students and Instructors would love to see you often as we really will miss you sooooooooooo much! Please come to all our social events and you know that you can meet me at the bar so we can put the World to rights! We’d like to wish you the best of luck in your new job and we hope you have as much fun as you did with us.