RTK Squad off to a flying start at the Yorkshire Open! OPEN SQUAD CLASS THIS WEDNESDAY!

Congratulations to all of the Squad members who took part in the Yorkshire Open on Sunday 26th January. For those interested, we are holding an OPEN SQUAD SESSION this Wednesday 29th January. If you are interested in competing outside of our Club, then please come along, train with our squad members and see what it’s all about. Be prepared to work hard though!

Venue: Thornleigh Salesian High School, Sharples Park, Bolton, BL1 6PQ

Time: 7pm-8pm

Taskmasters: Paul Wolstencroft Sensei and Mike Baron Sensei

Cost: £6

By all accounts the students are off to a flying start! They took home plenty of medals and some valuable experience and practise before the competition season really kicks in.

Some of our students will be going for selection/re-selection for the JKS England Squad this Sunday so I’m sure this was a great run out.

Well done to everyone, win lose or draw, you are super brave and we are all proud!

Huge thanks to Mike Baron Sensei and Gary Pratley Sensei who coached the squad members throughout the day and keeping us up to date. It’s such hard work and mostly a thankless task but we really appreciate it. Thank to Julie Moran for collating and submitting all of our entries and making sure everything went to plan. You are a star!

Here are our lucky medal winners………

Lola Fellone: 1st Place in Individual Kumite THE CHAMP

Izzy Baron and Ellis Pindoria-Stott – 1st Place in Pairs Kata THE CHAMP CHAMPS

Grace Baron – 1st Place in Ladies Kata 16 + THE CHAMP

Molly Austin-Hogsden – 3rd Place in Kumite

Georgie Dyal – 3rd Place in Kata

Izzy Baron – 2nd Place in Kata

Ellis Pindoria-Stott, Loui D’Attorre and Callum Baker – 3rd Place in Team Kumite

Ellis Pindoria-Stott – 3rd Place in Kata

Matthew Affleck – 2nd Place in Kata

Louis Johnson and Grace Baron – 1st Place in Pairs Kata THE CHAMP CHAMPS

Grace Baron, Louis Johnson and Lori-Ann Moran – 2nd Place in Team Kata

Greg Burton, Lewis Thomas and Callum Miles – 3rd Place in Team Kumite