Rochdale Grading Results: Sunday 20th May

Congratulations to all the students who successfully graded to their first or next grade at last Sundays grading.

It was an absolutely roasting hot day and the School were kind enough to put the underfloor heating on for us too which just added to the enjoyment (or torture).

It was a fantastic turnout and Paul Sensei was quite happy with the overall standard of karate on the day.

Following our recruitment drive late last year and early 2018, there was a large number of students attempting the very first grade of 9th Kyu orange belts. These students were fab and all worked really hard. There was a lot of youngsters who would only usually take part in a 1 hour class who had to complete the two hour grading, but they did brilliantly. The concentration and behaviour was excellent and we couldn’t have asked for more.

There were some awesome students grading to red belt and yellow belt, it is so pleasing to see students making such great progress already. Oliver Ray Hakes from John Dolan Sensei’s class was outstanding throughout the grading and not only received his red belt, but also his yellow belt in a rare double grading. Lots of Instructors commented on his effort and focus and this talented young man has everything it takes to go all the way. Well done to all of our new red and yellow belts.

The group going for green and purple and white belts were also really good. This is a tough point to get to and some students unfortunately give up their journey at this point. The two sets of students we saw were absolutely fab including Ewan McMillan, Neil and Lucas Connor, Daniel Smith, Sharon and Chris Sharrocks and Kelly Dawson. Kelly worked so hard, we couldn’t have asked for more, she had improved tremendously and was even sick. She was determined to carry on and was rewarded with not only her 4th Kyu but also the Student of the Grading. Amazing, well done. It is great to see you all progressing and pushing on. Keep up the good work.

We had 2 students successfully attempt their 3rd Kyu Brown Belt and 1 student successfully attempt his 2nd Kyu. Two students Haniah and Zaidane Arfan also worked really hard all grading but must retake a few sections. Their effort was fantastic though and we couldn’t fault them for that. You did well, we can work on the specifics and make some improvement and we know you will both be back stronger than ever.

3rd Kyu Brown Belt:

Ben Finney – Ben was like a totally different student when compared to his last performance. Having achieved a temprorary pass last time, he has clearly worked his little socks off and is performing so much better! Sometimes a bit of a kick up the bum is exactly what is needed and in Ben’s case it has certainly worked. He looked much better this time around and has made improvement in all areas. He must be focusing and concentrating more in class and we are delighted to see that he has turned a corner. Ben has been training since he was just four or five years old and has watched both his Mum and big brother go all the way to Black belt. Ben certainly has the talent to follow in their footsteps and do the same. Congratulations Ben, you were great!

Mark Murphy – It is a very long time since we have seen Mark but he has clearly been plugging away and kept up his training. He tries so hard and if Black Belts were given out for effort, he’d have one already! Mark has improved loads and was well worthy of his Brown Belt. He has been working hard to pick up the new set of combinations and looked quite comfortable and confident with them. His Katas had improved and his kumite was strong, overall Mark put in a good performance and should be very proud of himself. Well done and keep up the excellent work.


2nd Kyu 

Alex Ryan – What an awesome talent this young man is. He’s a complete natural and is a pleasure to teach. You’ll never see Alex being lazy or not concentrating. He is so focused and eager to learn. Alex tries so hard and couldn’t have given more on his grading day. He stood out from the start for being super sharp and very talented. It is hard to believe that someone who is just 9 years old can remember 7 katas and perform them one after the other to such an excellent standard. He had to perform his Bassai Dai in front of everyone and did it like a true professional! His kumite was awesome and we were so pleased to award him his 2nd Kyu at the end. There is so much more to come from this young man, he has everything it takes to be exceptionally good at karate. Just keep on pushing and working hard!

There was a lot of parents and supporters watching those who went for grading on the day. It really does create a great atmosphere and the students thrive off your positive energy. We appreciate everyone who gave up their afternoon which could have been spent in the sunshine to watch and encourage the students to be the best they can be. Thank you all very much for enabling the students to do what they do best.

The photos we took at the end will be available to collect at your classes now.

Biggest thanks has to go to the following Instructors who we are very lucky to have, working so hard with these students to get them to such a good standard: Mike Beckwith Sensei, Teresa Withington Sensei, Emma Ginn Sensei, Mike Baron Sensei, Brandon Lee Sensei, Paul Critchard Sensei, Dave Robertson Sensei,  Bernadette Burton Sensei, John Dolan Sensei, Callum Miles Sensei, Gary Pratley Sensei and John O Donovan Sensei.

Shout out to Grace & Izzy Baron and Emily Withington who set a superb example at the grading. Thanks also to Sophie Withington who was really helpful when we were sorting out certificates and updating licenses. Your help is noticed and appreciated.

Without our amazing team of Instructors who selflessly dedicate themselves to training, motivating and inspiring others, we wouldn’t have this fantastic Club. Great day! Thanks everyone 🙂