Rochdale Grading Results: 22-5-2016

What a mad weekend! This was our third grading and what a way to round off a very enjoyable week!

This was a busy grading with several dedicated students attempting Brown Belt and above and the atmosphere can best be described as a very nervous one. Our students could not wait to get started and soon settled into the task at hand. What followed was two and half hours of relentless pressure which is impossible to prepare for. Some rose the occasion and performed better than ever and some had to dig deep and show true character to earn their next belts.

There were some fantastic lower grades that were successful on the day, particularly the Pylypzcuk family, Austin Willis, Nathan Berry-Smith, Demi McDonagh, Reuben Jacobs, Usman Khan and Olivia & Grace Prince. All of these students show great potential for the future- keep up the hard work!

Louise Hopkinson and Kelly Dawson showed tremendous improvement and all of the adults on the day worked so hard. They really did set a fantastic example to the others.

Huge thanks to all the Instructors for getting the students where they are, the cadets for helping out of the day and most importantly, the parents and supporters who facilitate their loved ones karate journey. Your support is greatly appreciated.

After a very tough grading, which included multiple rounds of sparring with instructors and black belts, everyone lined up exhausted! To everyone’s relief, all students were successful in earning their next grades.

The following students have worked hard over several years to earn the senior grades of 3rd kyu and above. We always finish by saying a few words about the progress made by each person and how they can continue to improve as they approach their Black Belt.


3rd Kyu Brown Belt: 

Kevin Longthorne: Outstanding grading from a very talented young man. He has made remarkable progress since training with Sensei Paul and Sensei Dave and will make a very good Black Belt if he keeps up the hard work!

Luke Hopkinson: Luke tried very hard throughout the grading has definitely improved in all areas particularly his Katas. He must continue to focus in class and try to push his stances more in order to continue to make excellent progress. Well done.

Joe Finney: Another superbly talented young man who has got to brown belt in lightening quick time. He trains three times a week and you will never see him being lazy. He picks things up quickly and corrects what you ask him to. Great performance from a future superstar. Well done!

Pete Stansfield: Pete is a fantastic student who is a true perfectionist. He will not stop practising till every last detail is right. This showed through on the day and his Katas were excellent. He showed good spirit in the kumite and is getting stronger and harder deal with as each grade passes. Well done Pete and keep it up.

Umar Ahmed: Umar struggled a little on the day with his combinations and Katas. He did have good basics and will improve more quickly if he can find some consistency with his training. He worked really hard throughout the grading and was impressive during the kumite section. Keep up the hard work.

Kairo Fellone: Student of the Grading and a complete transformation! Kairo has gone from struggling to meet the requirements at the last grading to being the very best in the room. We could always see that Kairo had everything it takes to become great and now he has become much more focused he will progress brilliantly. We were so happy to award him the trophy and to see him begin to fulfill his amazing potential.

Finley Dewhurst: Finley works hard in class but struggles with concentration, however he was brilliant throughout the grading. He was focussed throughout and tried his very best. Well done Finley, what a super achievement for such a young age!

Lily Ruding: Lily has had a much longer karate journey than most but never lets it bother her. She is a pleasure to teach in class and has improved a lot between 4th Kyu and 3rd Kyu. She is now catching her big brother up which is fab! Well done and keep it up.

Lee Rylance: Lee has previous experience in karate and has really improved a lot. His Tekki Shodan was great and all of his Katas and combinations looked much more tidy than last time. Fantastic work from a lovely fella, well done.

Ella Rylance: What a little pocket rocket, fantastic kumite from Ella and there were no problems at this grading whatsoever. She was fab, she works hard in class and it showed through in her grading. She’s trying to tidy up her karate and is making great progress. Keep it up missus!

Ian Mathieson: Ian put in a lot of effort at the grading and has clearly been working hard to improve his standard. His Katas were better, as was his kumite. He needs to continue to focus and listen to his Instructors in order to improve more. Well done.


2nd Kyu

Mia Steinbach: Mia has been training for a long time and is a very dedicated student. She attends several lessons a week and takes advantage of every opportunity in order to improve. Her standard is great and she worked like a warrior. She ripped a huge flap of skin off her foot and refused to quit in the kumite. She wanted to prove she had what it takes and did brilliantly. What a star. Well done.

Joseph Downes: Joseph has excellent karate but for some reason, suffered a crisis of confidence half way through the grading! He pulled himself out of it though and did what he does best and that was to kumite like a madman! He must focus more in class when we are practising combinations and kumite drills but will most certainly be better next time around. Well done!


1st Kyu 

Dave Riley: Dave has excellent karate and proved to everyone that he has a very high standard. There are no weak areas in his karate and he is quite naturally gifted. His Katas flowed brilliantly but at the same time were very strong. His sparring was much improved and his work rate was second to none. He showed us what a proper 1st Kyu is and we were very happy to award him his grade. Congratulations, next stop is Black Belt!