Rochdale Grading Results: 19-4-2015

Congratulations to all the students who successfully attempted their first grade or next grade at our Rochdale grading on Sunday 19th April. It was a great day with some fantastic performances from the children and adults in attendance.
The grading followed another excellent Cadet Leader and Assistant Instructor class which saw over 100 students concentrating on improving their point scoring kumite. We ran a Team Kumite competition in the last half an hour, which everyone took part in and did really well.
There were some impressive points scored and it gave everybody some much needed experience before the big day this weekend.
Thank you to everyone for taking part and our Instructors for coming to officiate. A big well done to the following students who won medals at our Cadet & Assistant Team Kumite Tournament:

1st Place Team:

  • Craig Withington (Captain)
  • Ben Clark
  • Lee Edwards
  • Jack Fisher
  • Molly Austin Hogsden
  • Isabel Hair
  • Joshua Knox
  • Aurelie Girault

2nd Place Team:

  • Scott Galvin (Captain)
  • Steve Tipton
  • Georgie Dyal
  • Daniel Hartley
  • Zak Thomas Blackhurst
  • Georgia Tipton
  • Jo Sysum
  • Clark Thompson

3rd Place Team:

  • Bradley Bowker (Captain)
  • Matthew Affleck
  • Phill Burton
  • Juliette Stevinson
  • Abby Fielding
  • Sara-Jayne Carroll
  • Eleanor Hewitt
  • Su Matthews

The grading before the Tournament is always a cosy affair, which means those students attempting their next belts have nowhere to hide and not one second to be lazy!
Nevertheless, the students worked really hard throughout the grading and impressed the Instructors with their high standard and marvellous effort.
Some of the lower grades put in excellent performances including the Louise and Luke Hopkinson, Nigel and Nathan Buckels, Kitty, Pete and Amelia O’ Sullivan and Joseph Downes but as you would expect, it was the brown belts that led the way.
We will mention by name the students who graded to 3rd Kyu Brown Belt and above in a moment, but we must recognise Michelle Baron who earned her 4th Kyu purple and white belt. Michelle has not graded for quite a while due to work commitments and low self-confidence. She does however train all the time and is one inspirational and supportive lady to the rest of us!
Also, being part of the brilliant Baron karate family must add that extra bit of pressure and expectation but Michelle needn’t have been so worried. She was awesome on the grading day and impressed us all with her high standard especially doing her katas and sparring with her hubby.  Hopefully, she will take a much needed confidence boost from her grading experience and can relax now it is out of the way – at least until next time…….

3rd Kyu Brown belt

Denise Bradshaw – Denise has made significant progress between 4th Kyu and 3rd Kyu is a very strong and confident student. She is a highly dedicated Assistant Instructor who is always at classes with daughter Ruby, working hard and trying to improve. She is a very giving student, kind, patient and always willing to help out with younger students. Encouraging them to be better and work harder. Clearly the strongest area of karate for Denise is her kumite. She is a formidable opponent who really likes to get stuck in and show great spirit. Her combinations were good and her Katas were well practised. Congratulations on your brown belt Denise and keep it up.

2nd Kyu – Brown belt with one white stripe

Bernadette Burton – Bernie is another very dedicated adult and Assistant Instructor. She never misses classes, never makes excuses and always trains hard. Bernie is a lovely lady who is enthusiastic about karate and kind and helpful with her fellow students. She had a very good grading day and is improving with her confidence at every grading. She has started to relax more and lost weight which will help her to move quicker. She has also developed really tidy Katas. Her kumite is getting better and she will need to keep working hard at her kumite as she approaches Black belt. Her attendance and effort is excellent so keep up the good work! Well done Bernie.
Jonty Johnson – What a lovely young man, Jonty is shy and quiet but has worked very hard over the years and has reached a high standard. He has enormous talent and performs difficult kicking techniques with ease. Once he starts to believe in himself a bit more he improve rapidly. Jontys’ combinations were well practised, his Katas looked sharper than ever and he put together some effective combinations in the kumite section . Keep up the good work Jonty, you were great!
Mia Dickerson – Fantastic grading from Mia, she has made excellent progress between 3rd kyu and 2nd kyu and is very dedicated to her training in order to keep her standard very high. She is a very little lady with big talent and is progressing very well under Sensei Nicola. It is clear that she listens to advice and tries hard to perfect her katas. Her kicks are fantastic and she was impressive and determined when taking part in kumite. Well done Mia. Keep it up, you are almost there!

1st Kyu – Brown belt with two white stripes

Daryl Brady – Daryl put together an outstanding performance to earn his 1st Kyu. He sets a brilliant example to all other adults in the club who work shift patterns becausimagee he attends as many classes as he can, whenever he can and is always focussed and looking for ways to improve. He set the bar very high on the day and worked tirelessly from start to finish.
There are no weak areas in Daryls karate, he really has become a well rounded student. No matter what you ask him to do, he will perform with class and impressive technique. Daryl was chosen as Student of the Grading and I don’t think anybody watching on the day could disagree with that decision. He always gives it 100% effort and that is all you can ask. He really was the best and if he continues to improve at this pace, he will make a very good Shodan. He made Sensei Emma and all of the Instructors who help to teach him, very proud!