Rochdale Grading Results: 15-10-2017


Congratulations to all the fab students who graded at the Rochdale grading on Sunday 15th October.

Students travelled from as far as Lancaster to take part in the gruelling grading which lasted 2 and half hours.

We had students attempting their first full grade of orange belt right up to 1st Kyu.

There were some brilliant performances right across the board and the energy levels and effort on display was awesome.

We had a great bunch of white belts going to orange belt, they were really eager to impress and have picked up the fundamentals of karate really well. Our new red and yellow belts were also fantastic with one student Ewen McMillan double grading from orange belt to yellow belt. A very rare achievement indeed, well done.

The group attempting green  belt including Joe Thompson, Jane and Owen Gregson, Charlotte Mottershead and Venelin Dhankov were all superb. Great effort = great karate. Well done.

We had 5 students attempting their purple belt, all doing a brilliant job. Well done to Chis Sharrocks, Isobel Pritchard (outstanding), Anthony Morgan, Georgia Hall and Sharon Sharrocks who was celebrating not only getting her grade but also enough weight lost over the last few months to get a smaller size belt. Brilliant work and some positive inspiration for others, well done.

We had 4 students successfully attempt 4th Kyu including Bhupendra & Tushar Vasta, Grant Pritchard and James Cadwaladr. All four students did very well especially Grant Pritchard, very solid karate indeed and good in every area. Well done.


3rd Kyu Brown Belt

Amy O Donovan – Such a dedicated student and so deserving of her brown belt. She has outstanding karate for her grade and is a brilliant Cadet Leader and role model for our younger students. Amy is another future superstar and is proof that the Red Tiger talent machine keeps on producing better and better students every year! Great grading Amy well done. Keep up the fab work.

Tina Mant – Tina was brilliant on the grading day and has continued to train hard over the last few years despite changes of Instructors and classes closing her area. She is always impressive at the grading and gives it 100%. She has improved considerably between 4th and 3rd Kyu and has really grown in confidence. Well done.

Aasam Raja – Another much improved student with natural talent, a great attitude and a lovely smile for everyone. Aasam has really been trying his best to get better in order to achieve his brown belt and his performance on the day was fab. Keep up the great work little man! You have come so far!

Catherine Vernum – Outstanding performance from Catherine and we wouldn’t expect anything less. Since the day she started, Catherine never fails to impress and has improved a lot between 4th Kyu and 3rd Kyu. Huge congratulations Catherine on a very well deserved brown belt.


2nd Kyu 

Jos Hall – Another fantastic talent from the Lancaster area, Jos always gives it 100% every time we see him and we have no doubt that he works just as hard in class. His standard on the day was excellent and he is really shaping up to become a great Black Belt well done.

Priya Bradley – Awesome performance from Priya as always, she might be a little beauty but don’t be fooled by the angel face, this girl can fight. Her karate is good in all areas and she is progressing brilliantly. We were very impressed, keep up the great work.


1st Kyu 

Joe Finney – Second time lucky for Joe Finney although when this super talented young man is well, a pass was never in doubt. He was awesome, really sharp, really focused and he showed great determination. I am a massive fan of Joe’s karate, he has naturally high ability and works hard to fulfill his massive potential. He is already performing like a Black Belt, just keep up that great work and I have a feeling he will reach his goal very soon. Awesome performance from a lovely young man. Well done.

Huge thanks to the Instructors and Cadets who helped out on the day and who make our job very easy. You prepare the students so well and keep them motivated and push them hard throughout the grading. It is the teamwork that makes another successful and enjoyable event.

Big thanks to all the parents and supporters on the day for your time and efforts with our students. It is you who keep them going when it gets tough. Never ever let them quit. There’s no sense in getting so far to give up on everything. Everyone has the opportunity and potential to make Black Belt. Be one of the brave and strong students who get the job done!