Rochdale Grading Results: 18-9-2016

Our second grading of the the weekend followed a well attended and energetic Cadet Leader & Assistant class. The standard at the grading was good particularly amongst the mid to high grades. We saw a large amount of students who were attempting belts for the first ever time going for their 9th Kyu and lots of these were youngsters.

Considering they had to concentrate for over two hours and they are used to training for only one hour, they all did brilliantly. There were some hard working new adults and teenagers who showed they have a lot of potential. Well done to you all. It was wonderful to meet our new students and their families from our Aspull and Worsley dojos.

We saw some highly talented little youngsters also going for red and yellow belts. The Instructor team were collectively impressed by one pocket rocket by the name of Lily Hynes. Lily is just 5 years old and was amazing for her age. She has fantastic stances, great kumite and excellent concentration. Now that Sensei Paul knows that she can concentrate this well, he wants to see it every week in class!

Olivia & Grace Prince, Charlie Hynes and Katy Heys were also excellent grading to yellow belt – well done.

The group of yellow belts going for green belt were fantastic too. Angela Evans & Jorja Hughes, Joshua Ellicott, Scarlett & Edward Norman and Claire & Mark Pullan were all highly impressive, easing their way to green belt – obviously all worked very hard though!

Pawel Sobocinski was entered for an open grade as he has previous martial arts experience and was delighted to come out with his 6th Kyu Green belt. Boy did he earn it though. He had some tough kumite rounds and fought hard. Well done.

Four students progressed to purple belt; Matthew Harrington, Thomas & Liam Dolan and Amy O’ Donovan. All tried their very best and have made improvement in all areas between green and purple belt. Amy was outstanding and was unlucky not to have been chosen for the trophy as her performance was top drawer. The Dolan twins have worked very hard on their Katas and looked far more comfortable doing the combinations and kumite drills this time around. Their basics were also stronger and they are both progressing nicely. Matthew worked his backside off as usual and was completely exhausted by the end, good lad, well done. Congratulations to you all.

We had two students attempting their 2nd Kyu Brown Belt and both led by example from start to finish. If Black Belts were given out for energy and effort, Ron and Su Matthews would be Dan grades already. Both have stepped up a gear (perhaps trying to outdo one another?) and showed off very strong basics.

The combinations section needs work but thier Katas have improved considerably. Su performed a really nice Bassai-Dai and Ron has worked hard to technically improve his lower katas as well as picking up the advanced Katas needed for Black Belt. There are refinements needed but they both have a great attitude and plenty of time to work on everything before attempting their Black Belts.

Both Ron and Su love their sparring and they both did brilliantly and most of all looked like they really enjoyed themselves. They were both confident, well-spirited and gave it everything they had. What a team! Well done Ron and Su, 2nd Kyu is no easy grade to get and you both smashed it. Well done.

Huge thanks once again to all the students who took part. Thanks also to the families that travelled, gave up their time and supported their loved onces and above all thanks to our fab Instructor team who make everything happen. Being an Instructor is a very hard job but there is nothing more rewarding than sharing in the success of your students and seeing them happy and meeting their potential. Thanks all for the hard work and being such a super team.