Grading News

Rochdale Grading Results – 17th September 2017


We held a Club grading in Rochdale on Sunday 17th September for our students training in the North Manchester and Lancashire dojos. The grading immediately followed another busy Cadet and Assistant class so we were ready to watch some fantastic students try for their first or next belts.

We were looking at students attempting the grades of 9th Kyu all the way up to 1st Kyu and this group certainly didn’t disappoint.

There were lots of super-keen white belts going to orange belt and they were all brilliant. They have picked up the foundations of karate very quickly and showed a good standard on the day.

Our new red, yellow and green belts all worked really hard and thoroughly deserved their grades. The Kihon was fantastic and the Instructors have been clearly working hard with these students.

We have 6 new purple belts, well done to Evie Gregory, Daniel Brown, Liam Conway, Jamie Ingham, Jamie-Lee Gibbs and Seth Staton. You are all progressing brilliantly. Luke Evans was our only student to successfully pass his 4th Kyu purple and white belt and he showed tremendous focus and massive improvement, well done young man.


3rd Kyu Brown Belt

Darren Moss – Darren has really improved his karate between 4th Kyu and 3rd Kyu and put 100% effort in throughout the grading. His standard is really high and we were all impressed with the way he trained. Keep up the great work Darren 🙂

Kevin and Giorgia Frost – Kevin and Giorgia have both been training for many years and are very committed to our club. They have both made massive improvement and are shaping up to be strong candidates for Black Belt when their time comes. Well done.

Luke Hindley – Luke suffers from crippling shyness and low confidence so it has taken him a while to find the courage to attempt his brown belt. He did really well and has excellent karate. He tries really hard and we hope that successfully attempting his brown belt will help him have a little more confidence in the future. Well done Luke.

Lilly O’ Donovan – What an excellent grading from Lilly O’ Donovan. An absolute little superstar. Her karate was awesome and she always trains hard, listens to her Instructors and corrects what you ask her too. Lilly is a fab student and will make a great black belt very soon no doubt!

Michelle Walker – Really strong grading from Michelle Walker who has made excellent progress in the last 12 months. She is very dedicated and always gives it 100%. Congratulations on achieving your brown belt after many years of hard work.


2nd Kyu Brown Belts and a White Stripe 

Lola Girault – Lola Girault is an outstanding student who always looks happy to be at karate, doing what she does best. She is absolutely awesome and is only 8 years old. It is easy to see why she is the JKS National Kata Champion for her age group. Her Instructors were delighted with her performance at the grading and Lola is always such a pleasure to teach. We look forward to working with her and helping her get even better and keep working towards her goal of Black Belt to complete the Girault Black Belt set!

Lucy Davies – Lucy is one of Sensei Brandon’s best ever students. Her standard on the grading day was second to none. She is a fierce fighter in a very pretty package. Don’t be fooled! Lucys karate is so strong there is no doubt her karate would be 100% effective. She is really dedicated and this shows through in her high standard. Lucy is great in all areas; kihon, kata and kumite and always tries her best. Keep up the amazing work Lucy and you will be an exceptional Black Belt.

Corey Stevens – Another fantastic grading performance from the firecracker from Little Lever. Corey works so hard every single time we see him and his adorable little red face. He showed us he had made some great improvement and is shaping up to be a brilliant little Black Belt. If Black Belts were given for effort, Corey would be a Sandan. He needs to keep up the excellent effort and we look forward to seeing his progression to 1st Kyu and beyond. Well done little man. With superstars like Corey, the future is very bright!

We have to mention Chesham Cadet Leader Joe Finney who attempted his 1st Kyu but began to feel unwell on the day and didn’t manage to finish the full grading. Joe’s karate is excellent and he is very well rounded. We were really looking forward to seeing him grade and pushing him hard for his belt, but when you aren’t well, there’s nothing you can do. He was doing brilliantly until he needed to stop and we are sure he will be back to full health soon and will successfully finish what he started. Very brave young man for trying in the first place when he didn’t feel 100%, so well done.

Huge thanks to the Instructors and Cadets who helped out on the day and who make our job very easy. You prepare the students so well and keep them motivated and push them hard throughout the grading. It is the teamwork that makes another successful and enjoyable event.

Big thanks to all the parents and supporters on the day for your time and efforts with our students. It is you who keep them going when it gets tough. Never ever let them quit. There’s no sense in getting so far to give up on everything. Everyone has the opportunity and potential to make Black Belt. Be one of the brave and strong students who get the job done!