Rochdale Grading Results: 16th July 2017

We held a grading in Rochdale on Sunday 16th July for students training in the North Manchester and Lancashire classes.

There were some excellent performances on the day and Paul Sensei was pretty happy with the overall standard, so huge well done to you all.

It was a very busy day with students attempting grades ranging from orange belt right up to 1st kyu and everybody was made to earn their belts. Our students train for 2 – 2 and half hours to successfully grade and we were very proud of your efforts on the day.

The new white belts were superb with the vast majority already being able to perform Kata Heian Shodan to a good standard. It is fantastic to see so many enthusiastic white belts coming through and the students from John O Donovan Sensei’s class were all brilliant. It is clear to see he is doing a fab job! Emma Sensei’s Clifton beginners were also excellent.

There were lots of impressive students grading to red, yellow, green and purple belts with one student Paul Evans from Tottington dojo double grading from yellow to purple. What a rare achievement – well done. Jo Woodman, Grace and Olivia Prince, Demi McDonagh, Jackie Moss and Kelly Dawson were all particularly good, well done.

Our new purple and white belts also tried really hard and did a brilliant Heian Godan to earn their next grades. Sarah and Poppy Evans, Darcy Mason, Courtney Newsham, Scarlett and Edward Norman, Ruben Smith, Jack Murphy and Matthew Harrington were the best batch of 5th Kyu’s going to 4th Kyu we have seen for a long time. Well done to you all.

We had a large number of students going to 3rd Kyu Brown Belt and beyond so huge congratulations to the following people who have stuck it out and earned what most never do. A 1st, 2nd or 3rd Kyu. Massive accomplishment, well done.


3rd Kyu

Martin Smith – Excellent performance from one of Tony Davies Sensei’s longest serving students. Martin worked his socks off from start to finish and you simply couldn’t ask for any more. He has improved a lot and should be very pleased with his performance. Well done.

Helen Dolan – Helen has improved massively due to her dedication and commitment to her training. She always turns up to class, listens, corrects and tries her best and this is why she is becoming so very good at karate. She takes no short cuts and it is all down to her own hard work. Helen trains with more confidence now and it has improved her standard tremendously.

Lewis Horsfield – What a good performance from a lovely young man. He always tries hard in class and has improved so much over the last twelve months after having a little wobble at his last grading. He was stronger and more focused than ever and did brilliantly. Well done.

Brandon Matthews – Brandon has improved his karate considerably and really started to try harder to get the finer details right in his kata. He has also improved his preparation points and his overall attitude is much better. We were happy with the progress he has made and hope that he will continue to work hard and improve. Well done mate.

Joel Purvis – Joel did brilliantly at the grading and was much improved especially in the combinations and katas section. He has been working hard with his Instructors and performed the best we have ever seen him. Keep up the great work Joel.

Lucas Riewald – Pilling – Lucas was absolutely fantastic. Clearly, he works hard every lesson and listens to his Instructor. He is getting very good indeed and you;ll have to go along way to find a child his age who puts in more effort than Lucas does. This young man is very talented indeed and we are very excited about seeing him further fulfill his potential.


2nd Kyu

Reese Matthews – Reese was sharp, focused and tried really hard throughout the grading. He was 100% determined to earn his next belt. We are pleased for him and feel as though he has turned a real corner with his karate. He is starting to fulfill his ability. Well done.

Oliver Rigby – Great performance from Oliver, he pulled it out of the bag on the day and worked really hard. Consistent effort in class is essential to make further progress and we would hope that he continues to work hard for his Instructors and keeps the momentum going. Great job young man.


1st Kyu 

Kairo Fellone – Such a naturally gifted karateka, Kairo was excellent throughout the grading and hopefully this will help him to start believing that he really could be something very special indeed. We were so impressed with his effort and if he continues to work hard in class, the sky is the limit for Kairo. Well done mate.

Jacob Darkey – A fantastic little firecracker. Jacob has improved in all areas and his kumite as always was his best section. His hands and feet are so quick and most importantly, he enjoys himself. Excellent performance from another Standish Superstar. Keep up the fab work. Next stop….. Black Belt!

Lola Fellone –  The best performance we have ever seen her. This is one mega talented and determined young lady. She is not afraid to push herself and step out of her comfort zone and this has really paid off. Lola has recently joined the squad and you can really tell she is learning such from our other super talented girls. If she keeps up this fantastic work, she will be outstanding when she goes for her Black Belt. I can’t wait to see it.

Courteney Alty – Courtney has been training for many years and has been influenced by lots of different Instructors. She has always been a really hard worker and her kihon was excellent. Her Katas and kumite have improved loads and she is starting to become more confident and believe that she has what it takes to be a great Black Belt. She is super tough and showed great determination on her grading day. I really enjoyed watching her spar and try to beat all the Sensei’s up! Well done 🙂

Huge thanks to all the Instructors who do all the hard work to prepare the students and make sure that they get their chance to shine at grading. They also help massively with the grading event from signing in to teaching sections to encouraging the students to keep going, you really are the best and we appreciate you all.

Thanks to the parents and supporters who keep the students going to karate week in week out, our most successful students are always the ones who train consistently, who never miss class and those who have supportive parents.

Overall it was a fantastic day so WELL DONE. Photo’s will be available to collect at classes this week.