Rochdale Grading Results: 15th July 2018


Well done to all the Red Tigers who successfully attempted their first or next grade at what was to be our last ever Rochdale grading!

We certainly went out in style with a busy grading and some awesome karate on display.

It was a sea of white belts with over half of the students grading for the very first time. We hope you enjoyed your special day and showing us your skills, there were definitely some future superstars to watch out for!

There were also some fantastic little orange belts going to red and the two boys representing the Darwen area Ben Nicholson and Callum Baker were magnificent!

Three students progressed to green belt and three students progressed to purple belt. There was a very impressive kumite display from the Young sisters Amelia and Ella who I really enjoyed watching from the sidelines. If anyone remembers the Cain sisters, I think we have another pair of hardnut’s in the making – watch out everyone and get ready for some bruises! Bradley Oliver was also fantastic as always and did really well to get his purple belt.

Noah Purvis and Isobel Pritchard both did brilliantly to get their purple and white belts, keep up the great work as you approach the milestone that is brown belt.

Congratulations to the following students who earned their Brown Belt, 2nd Kyu or 1st Kyu. You are almost there and the gradings only get harder so keep digging deep, working hard and you’ll continue to improve.

3rd Kyu

Ava Staton – Ava trains with Callum Sensei and is doing brilliantly. She’s flying through grades and is really dedicated. Ava works hard and is very naturally talented, she was so good at the grading and is a very exciting talent indeed. Keep up the great work Ava.

Grant Pritchard – An excellent adult who trains with his daughter Isobel in the Bolton classes. Grant is really enthusiastic and eager to learn. His karate is very effective and his technique is crisp and clean. He pays attention to the small details and it shows through with the high standard he has achieved. Keep it up Grant.

Ella Hughes – Ella has been training for many years and is making fantastic progress, she worked really hard at the grading and had improved considerably. It was a pleasure to see how far she has come and needs to take confidence from this good performance and keep pushing towards the next level. Fab work, fab student, well done!

Jackie Moss – Talk about digging deep when you’ve got the World on your shoulders, Jackie did amazingly well at her grading. She rarely puts a foot wrong and works incredibly hard, not just at gradings but all the time. Her karate is progressing brilliantly and she and Darren set a great example to their kids about what can be achieved when you work hard and commit to a goal long term. Hopefully Jackie and Darren will be able to follow in the footsteps of the fabulous Caitlan and get their Black Belts too!


2nd Kyu

Joel Purvis – Joel has been training in our Club for many years and has taken his time to work his way through the grades. He has improved so much between 4th Kyu and 3rd Kyu and has seriously got a lot better. He’s growing up fast and is training with more focus and effort than ever. He struggled a little in the Kata section but you could never question his spirit. Keep on working hard Joel, you have everything it takes to get your Black Belt young man.

Darren Moss – Darren has obviously been training really well with his Instructors and been determined to improve. He worked extremely hard at the grading and thoroughly deserved his 2nd Kyu. He was completely exhausted by the end and got a bit of a rough ride in the sparring. Darren hasn’t got the tidiest karate but he is working hard to make his stances better and you can never question his effort and dedication to his training. Keep up the excellent work Darren and you’ll go all the way.

William Towler – What an outstanding student who has all the ingredients it takes to get to black belt and beyond. He’s got the kind of attitude every Instructor loves, he’s such a hard worker, he listens, he tries to improve week in week out and above all you can tell he absolutely loves what he does. Such a nice kid and pleasure to work with. He stood out at the grading for all the right reasons and it was unanimously decided that he should be Student of the Grading because nobody worked harder and nobody else showed the passion for karate that William did. No matter what was being done, William would be the first to react and respond with energy and enthusiasm. And that Kiai – I bet they could hear it from your house in Darwen! Great spirit! Awesome stuff and keep it up William, you are a star.

Amy & Lilly O’ Donovan – The O’ Donovan sisters have got some serious talent and look like they will go all the way and catch up their Dad John Sensei. Both girls were superb and I’m sure they made their Mum and Dad incredibly proud. Lilly concentrated like never before and sometimes it is easy to forget how young she is because she’s been training for so long. She didn’t put a foot wrong all grading and worked so hard for her 2nd Kyu. Her katas had improved and her kicks in her kumite were really impressive. We worked a lot on the Jiyu Ippon and she scored well in this area. Brilliant Lilly, keep that concentration and effort up. Amy is a very naturally gifted Karateka, you can tell someone has something special when they can just do it all and it looks effortless. Amy does put the effort in, week in week out, but she makes karate look so easy. She was exceptionally good at the grading and the only thing that we agreed could make her better is a little more confidence and a little more noise! She’s got the karate, we’d like to hear louder Kiai’s to show more spirit and Amy will no doubt be one of the best young ladies we have ever produced.


1st Kyu 

Daisy Parton – What a performance, what a character! As much as Daisy drives me absolutely mental at times, I love teaching her and wouldn’t change her (maybe apart from the interrupting!). She has been training with big brother and black belt Ben since the age of 5. Seven years on and you can see the time and effort that has gone into her training over the years and she an absolutely solid karateka. If Daisy was ever unlucky enough to need to use her karate, I think she’d be alright! Like her big brother, her kumite is seriously STRONG.  She has tidied up her Katas, is pushing her stances and her concentration has improved. We didn’t hear a peep out of her all grading, she was focused, sharp and determined. If she trained like that in EVERY class she’d be unstoppable. I look forward to helping her nail the Shodan syllabus and attempt her Black Belt in the near future. I think she will be really impressive.


Huge thanks to all the Instructors who helped out at the grading and Grace and Izzy Baron for setting an excellent example as always at the front. Our team are fantastic and we appreciate you all. Nobody sees the work that goes in behind the scenes but we know just how much dedication and skill it takes to guide students up to the high kyu grades. You all care deeply and the standard just gets better because of that. There would be no Club without our Instructors and the hard work they put in.

Thanks to the parents and supporters who make sure the students are able to train every week. Without your help, they wouldn’t be able to achive any of this. Mr Towler took lots of photo’s at the grading I will put up a link to the album asap.