Grading News

Rochdale Grading Results: 13-11-2016


Marvellous end to what was a very busy weekend, we held our Rochdale grading and it was the best we have seen in ages.

There were over 20 students attempting brown belts and above which made for a very strenuous and exhausting grading indeed. The energy from all of the students was amazing. The kihon section was fantastic with students eager to impress the Instructor team with 100% effort. Things just got better and better as the grading went on. The Katas section was great, the combinations were solid and kumite was well controlled and spirited.

The only thing that Sensei Paul had to moan about was that there was nothing to moan about!

Very well done to you all!

There were some outstanding individual performances from the lower grades on the day, too many to mention by name but we were so happy with the standard of all of the people attempting purple and white belt and below.

There were a large amount of adults grading, the majority of whom were parents of children who were grading too. Good for you, what a fantastic way to set an example to your child, getting in line, working hard and experiencing success together. That is what our Club is all about, family and teamwork.

We must mention by name those who have dedicated themselves to training in our Club for a number of years now and bravely battled to earn their brown belts and above. We are proud of you all, well done.

You’ll notice that ‘improvement’ is repeated a lot and we really are pleased to see that so much improvement is being made from one grade to the next. It tells us that the students are committed and enjoying their training. It also affirms that the Instructors are doing a fab job developing the students, retaining their interest and passing on solid JKS Shotokan karate.

3rd Kyu – Brown belt

Baraka Kulewa – Fantastic effort from a lovely young man, excellent improvement and is starting to shape up towards achieving his Black Belt – well done. Baraka is definitely one to watch out for!

Zlatko Popovski – Outstanding effort and very high standard indeed. Zlatko is fit as a fiddle but really does put every last drop of effort into his training. He is always encouraging others to try harder and leads by example. Fantastic grading from a very nice chap, well done.

Corey Stevens – One of our brightest young stars and definitely one to watch for the future, Corey has it all. Strong kihon, tidy kata and formidable kumite. This little man packs a very mighty punch and is progressing brilliantly, well done.

Julia Riewald – Julia has improved immeasurably between her last two grades. She is really sharpening up and pays great attention to detail. She is a lovely lady who is very encouraging to other class members but proved on the day that she is a fantastic student in her own right. Congratulations and keep up the great work.


2nd Kyu Brown belt with a white stripe

Caitlan Moss – Again, I use the word improvement because this girl always shows great potential and she is now fulfilling it. She tries so hard every lesson and her hard work is paying off. Another future superstar and awesome cadet leader. Well done Caitlan.

Ava Hanson –  We are so pleased to see Ava progressing to her 2nd Kyu, with big brother Harrison already a Black Belt, Ava has big shoes to fill. She was excellent, really focused and determined to succeed. Wonderful performance from this gorgeous little star. Well done!

Lee Rylance – Dedication, commitment and hard work pays off and Lee is living proof. He is always training, always trying his best and ambitiously wants to improve. He had a fantastic grading and is well worthy of a 2nd Kyu. He has done karate previously and this shows through in his high standard and the strength and power generating in his techniques. Well done and keep up the good work.

Kevin Longthorne – Absolutely superb, this lad has something very special indeed. He is a mini Sensei Paul. He has focus and a class to his karate that you just can’t teach. Student of the Year contender, there is no doubt. What a grading and what a year for Kevin. The progress he has made is outstanding and we can tell there is so much more to come. Very well done young man.

Lola Fellone – Absolutely brilliant grading from Lola, best performance we have ever seen from her. She was confident throughout and couldn’t have worked harder. What more can you ask for? Well done Lola, we are really pleased to see you starting to fulfill your potential.

Kairo Fellone – Kairo is another young man who has everything it takes to become very special indeed. His kumite is and always has been outstanding and the rest of his karate is starting to catch up. He puts more effort into his kihon and Katas and we know there is still loads more to come. Well done Kairo, what a star!

Courteney Alty – Courteney gave it 100% throughout the grading and has made excellent progress despite becoming injured and missing a few weeks. Her Katas and kumite were very strong and she is shaping up well towards her Black Belt. Fantastic stuff well done!

Jacob Darkey – Fantastic performance from this cheeky little chappy. He worked so hard from start to finish and managed to impress all of the Instructors with his fab karate and cheeky smile! He is improving everytime and is shaping up to be an awesome little black belt.

Alex Gallacher – Fantastic effort from a really lovely young fella. Alex is really strong and is working hard to tidy his karate and refine his techniques. He’s made excellent improvement and is starting to shape up towards achieving his Black Belt – well done.

Olvia Fagan – Another great little student from the Standish crew. Olivia was an absolute star on Sunday and looked completely exhausted by the end of the grading.  That is exactly how it should be. She did brilliantly. Well done missus and keep up the excellent work.

Ethan Kirk – You won’t find many students more committed than the Kirk brothers, they train consistently and always put in loads of effort. Ethan had a fantastic grading and has come so far in both in karate technique and his confidence. His sparring was great and his attitude is spot on. Well done Ethan.

Jacob Kirk – Another little Standish superstar, Jacob was about the best we have ever seen him. Focused, confident and determined. Lovely Katas, strong sparring and making awesome progress. Keep up the fab work!

John Riley – Exceptional grading from an extraordinary talent. We had high expectations for John and he did not disappoint. This lad is amazing, another certain candidate for Student of the Year, this lad has it all and the work rate to match. I could go on and on about what makes him so good, but anyone who saw him train on the day would have seen his quality.  Amazing stuff- well done!

Charlotte Hothersall – A fantastic little student with gorgeous face and equally gorgeous karate. She is progressing very well and we really like her Katas. She has great stances and a fantastic attitude. Fingers crossed she will make it all the way to black belt because when she does, she will be just brilliant. Well done.

Ella Rylance – Ella has completely transformed her karate between 3rd Kyu and 2nd Kyu. Her concentration and attention to detail has improved and this has allowed her to start fulfilling the amazing potential she has always shown. Her standard was fantastic at the grading, great stances, lovely kata and much improved Kumite. What a gorgeous little star! Well done Ella and keep it up.


1st Kyu – Brown belt with two white stripes

Holly Dale – By far, Holly Dale is arguably one of the best young girls in the Club. She really has moved up to the next level and she just gets better and better every time we see her. An outstanding performance from this beautiful young lady. It is safe to say anyone who has taught Holly over the years knows she is destined to do great things and with sustained effort, shes going to make one GREAT little black belt.

Megan Ellithorn – Another superb young girl who has extraordinary talent. Megan has high ability and the focus to match. She almost breezed through her grading, making it look effortless but all the time working so hard. What a grading, keep up the fantastic work Megan, you were awesome.

Alex Mellor Brook – Alex has made excellent improvement and has worked his way through the grades to be one of the top adults in the club. His karate has class and quality about it that can only be developed through years and years of training. He led by example and really did set the standard on the day. He put in so much effort from the start of the grading that he was completely exhausted by the end. Thats when you know you really deserve it. Well done.

Nathan Standring – All I can say is what a turnaround this young man has made in the last 12 months. Nathan has been training for over 7 years and watched his big brother Louis grade up to Shodan. More recently, he has been trying hard to bridge that gap and get closer to achieving his own Black Belt. He is very committed and never misses training and now that he has started to put the effort in, he is seeing the rewards. An excellent grading performance was rewarded with not only his 1st kyu, but also the Student of the Grading trophy. So very well deserved, well done Nathan. Keep up the great work and lets build on that confidence.

As always we close by thanking the parents and people watching for their support on the day. Thanks also to the Instructors who make it all happen. Our team are number 1 and we are so lucky to have them all. Thanks also to Grace Baron who once again worked hard all day to set a wonderful example to all our youngsters. This is why she is at the top of her game.

Great day, well done and thank you all!