Rochdale Grading Results – 11th February 2018

Our very first grading of 2018 and we are pleased to report that everyone successfully passed their next belts.

It was a total invasion of the white belts, with our brand new beginners accounting for over half of the students grading on the day.

Lots of classes have been recruited by Paul W Sensei and Brandon Sensei in Autumn last year and there has been a huge influx of beginners in the following classes:

  • Sensei Mike Barons Standish Class
  • Sensei Lee and Sensei Emma’s Aspull Class
  • Sensei Teresa and Sensei Rachael’s Chesham Classes
  • Sensei Paul C, Sensei Rachael’s and Sensei Brandon’s Haslingden Classes
  • Sensei Aurelie’s Leigh Class
  • Sensei Callum’s Little Lever Class

Welcome to all our new students and congratulations on successfully completing that first huge step on your journey towards Black Belt. Keep up the great work and well done to the Instructors for motivating so many beginners to get to their orange belt.

There are so many students already training in your classes for you to look up to, so keep working hard and one day, you will be as good as they are. We all had to start somewhere!

There were lots of students returning for the 2nd time and earning their 8th Kyu Red Belt. Well done to you all especially the Elton gang who train with John O’ Donovan Sensei and Sarah Evans. You all did a great job.

Helen Bate-Nutsey who trains with Callum Sensei was so impressive she actually double graded from white to red belt. Huge congratulations on a very rare accomplishment indeed.

There was a small group attempting their orange belts and all 5 were absolutely fantastic – well done to Megan and Maisie Fu, Kiren Bissett, Josh Vandallen and Isaac Whittaker. A bunch of future superstars I’m sure.

Well done to Annie Rose Parker and Orlagh Conway who both successfully passed their green belts and are well on their way towards Black Belt, great stuff girls.

We see a lot of people quit at green or purple belt as the syllabus gets harder and more is expected from you. This next group of students did fantastically well and have what it takes to keep going all the way. Congratulations to Daniel Ingham, Amelia Hancock, Karis Williams, Noah Purvis, Isabelle Roberts, Millie Daisley and Katy Heys. Now is the time to keep pushing and train more often if you can. There is so much to remember at this level and you are all doing brilliantly, just keep it up.

Three students passed their 4th Kyu Purple and White belt and all three worked so hard and had a great standard. Well done to Jamie Ingham, Jackie Moss and espacially Liam Conway, who not only got his purple and white belt, he was also chosen as student of the grading. Fabulous, well done.

The following six students attempted their 2nd Kyu’s or 1st Kyu’s and they were all pushed extremely hard. Remember we work you so hard and try to break your spirit because we have to see what you are made of. You all showed great strength of character and dogged determination to earn your belts and we are proud of you all. We don’t just give out belts at Red Tiger, they are truly earned. Well done to you all our new 2nd Kyu’s and 1st Kyu’s:

2nd Kyu

Gina Farrance –  What a talented girl! She is THAT student we all wish we taught. Hard working, resilient, dedicated, tough, intelligent, has a great attitude, corrects what you ask her to, when you ask her to and her karate is almost as beautiful as she is! Sensei Callum and I are very lucky to teach her and she has everything it takes to keep pushing on towards that Black Belt. Once she gets that, confidence will be up and the sky is the limit. Great performance from one of the brightest young female prospects in the entire Club. Well done.

Zlatko Popovski – Fantastic grading performance from one of the nicest people I know. Zlatko’s karate is so strong and very tidy. He was very well prepared for the grading and his katas, combinations and kumite were all superb. His Karate is very effective and would no doubt work for him in the real world. He is such a fantastic member of our class and is always encouraging others to fulfill their potential. We are so gutted that he is relocating down South and we wish him well with his imminent move and would hope that he continues his karate with the JKS. I am looking forward to seeing him again and hopefully watching him grade to Shodan. Well done and good luck.

Megan Dale – Talk about rising to the occasion. Megan was absolutely brilliant. I’m so glad she took the chance to shine and she did not let her Sensei’s down one bit. A great performance from Megan who is really trying hard to be sharper and more steady on her feet. She is so talented and good at karate that it can be hard to remember that she is just 8 years old! What a little superstar. She has come so far in such a short space time and we are excited to keep helping her improve, to push on and follow in her big sisters footsteps and getting a black belt of her very own. Congratulations beautiful girly and keep up the great work!

1st Kyu

Corey Stevens – Outstanding performance from this superb student. Corey has stepped his level up – big time. He is lightening quick and such a hard worker. He is still red faced after the first five minutes of a class and must have been exhausted by the end of the grading. We couldn’t have asked for me more as he always gives it 110%. Sensei Callum and Mum Martine must be feeling so proud of him. I always knew he was going to be very special indeed and I can’t wait to see him go for his Black Belt. Keep working hard in class, stay humble and keep listening to Sensei Callum and you will be one of the best pocket-rockets we’ve ever had. Well done.

Denise Bradshaw – Brilliant performance from Denise who returned to Club Gradings in great style after a bit of a training lay off. Her karate is really powerful and she works extremely hard. Her combinations and Katas were excellent and her kumite and movement is much improved. Denise is very determined and we know she will continue to work hard. Her fitness has already improved recently and further improvement will really help her increase her sharpness and explosive power and help stand out at her upcoming Black Belt grading. Denise is a fab member of the class and really helps us to push others and make them work as hard as she does. Great performance from a lovely lady, well done.

Finley Dewhurst – Awwww what a sweet little star man Finley is. He is so dedicated and is always at training without fail. He has been doing karate for many years and really deserves to be a 1st kyu for the amount of effort he puts in. Concentration used to be a problem but more recently, Finley has been so keen to please in class, listening and trying hard to correct what we have been asking him to. He has made tremendous progress between 2nd Kyu and 1st Kyu and as he nears his Black Belt, he is becoming a very well rounded student. His kumite has always been good and his Katas are now catching up. We are so proud of how far he has come and will be pushing him hard to prepare for his black belt because we know he has the ability to be awesome. Well done and keep up the fab work.

There was a huge number of parents and loved ones supporting those who went for grading. It really does create a great atmosphere and the students thrive off your positive energy. We appreciate everyone who gave up their afternoon to watch and encourage the students to be the best they can be. Apologies if you did not end up with a seat. Thank you all very much for enabling the students to do what they do best.

The photos we took at the end will be available to collect at your classes from next Monday 19th February onward.

Biggest thanks has to go to the following Instructors who we are very lucky to have working so hard in the area: Mike and Leesa Beckwith Sensei, Teresa Withington Sensei, Emma Ginn Sensei, Mike Baron Sensei, Brandon Lee Sensei, Paul Critchard Sensei, Dave Robertson Sensei, Nick and Steve Rose Sensei,  Lee Edwards Sensei, Bernadette Burton Sensei, John Dolan Sensei, Aurelie Girault Sensei, Callum Miles Sensei, Gary Pratley Sensei, John O Donovan Sensei.

Shout out to Big Ron Matthews who was as enthusiastic and helpful as ever at grading. Your help is noticed and appreciated.

Without our amazing team of Instructors who selflessly dedicate themselves to training, motivating and inspiring others, we wouldn’t have this fantastic Club.

Thank you all, you are the best!