Rochdale Grading Results: 10th December 2017


Our final grading of 2017 and it nearly didn’t go ahead due to the great British weather! Thank you so much to all who braved the snow and travelled over to Rochdale to attempt their next belts.

We are happy to report that everybody passed their grades and have moved onto their next belts.

It was a fantastic grading with a very high standard. We were really pleased with all of the students and the effort on the day was second to none.

There were quite a large number of students grading for the first or second time to their orange and red belts and this group worked really hard. We were impressed with their development and we hope that they enjoyed the grading and the challenge was worth the effort.

You are always made to earn your belts at Red tiger and there are no easy rides. You all did great and should be very pleased with yourselves.

A small group of students went to their yellow belts including: Zachary and Isabelle Hirst, Neill and Lucas O Connor andf Tiffany Dunn. You were all brilliant well done.

Six students successfully attempted their green belts: Ella and Aemelia Young, Usman Khan and the three boys from Iralm, Ethan Fong, Archie Parsonage and Alfie Davis and they all did fantastically well. Congratulations.

We have four new purple belts: Lewis Alger, James and Lewis Street and Ben Shackleton Waller, keep up the great work, you are half way to Black Belts now well done!

The group grading to purple and white belt were made to work extra hard and we are really impressed with them all: Nils Van Dongen, Matt Laytham, Ayaan Is-Haq, Ava Staton (great kumite missus), Jacob Waters, Harrison Smith, Jo Woodman (another great kumite performance) and Demi McDonagh (who is a very talented all rounder). Great job guys, well done and keep up the fantastic work.

The following people successfully attempted their Brown belts, 2nd Kyu’s and 1st Kyu’s and all did really well, especially the last three who are now so close to reaching their Black Belt at some point in 2018!


3rd Kyu Brown Belt

Matthew Harrington – Excellent performance from Matthew who is very much improved. He had a fantastic back kick and has been training for many years with us. Matthew is a lovely lad and has a very bright future ahead of him. Keep up the great work.

Darcy Mason – Solid performance from Darcy who has technically sound karate. She has improved between 4th Kyu and 3rd Kyu and once she starts to believe in her own ability and work a little harder she will be an absolutely brilliant student. Darcy had some very nicely presented katas with great attention shown to detail. Well done.

Poppy Evans, Luke Evans and Sarah Evans – Great performance from team Evans whose karate has gone from strength to strength this year due to their consistent training and hard work in class. Poppy, Luke and Sarah are all fab students who continue to improve every time we see them and are shaping up to be a really great family of black belts! Well done!

Tilly Shelbourne and Archie Shelbourne – Much improved after leaving their last grading very disappointed. They have both been working hard and doing extra practise with their Sensei in order to meet the required standard. We are really happy to see they have persevered and shown great determination in order to reach their brown belt, it is very admirable indeed. Well done to both of you and keep up the fantastic work.

Scarlett Norman and Edward Norman – Great performances from these two talented and exciting young students. Both are certainly future cadet leaders and doing really well. They have reached a high level for their age and are training multiple times a week in order to improve and get the best training possible. Well done to you both, you are doing brilliantly.


2nd Kyu 

Aadam Raja – Great performance from Aadam who last graded back in 2015. Since then, Aadam has been through your worst nightmare healthwise and is very lucky to still be here. He is a truly inspirational person who has battled his way back to health and continued to amaze us with his determination and resilience. Teresa Sensei and I could not be more proud of him for achieving his 2nd Kyu and relearning everything so quickly and diligently. He is a pleasure to teach and we are so happy that he continued his karate journey with us and we know that he will make a great black belt one day.

Tom Darkey – Excellent performance from Tom who has breezed through the grades over the last couple of years. He is progressing brilliantly under Mike Baron Sensei and always works really hard every time we see him. He is shaping up to be an excellent Black Belt in the near future and the added bonus is he’s a really nice chap too! Well done!


1st Kyu

Luke Hopkinson – Arguably the most improved student of the year. Luke is so dedicated to karate and doing things the right way. He has stepped out of his comfort zone in order to improve and this has really paid off for him. He is a sharper, focussed and has finally found some confidence and karate has gone from very good to excellent. Consistency has been the key for Luke and his attendance and constant effort cannot be faulted. We are really pleased for Luke and if he keeps up his great attitude and work rate, he will be really impressive when he goes for his black belt.

Baraka Kulewa – You’ll have to go a long way to find someone who puts in more effort than Baraka. He gives every single technique 100% effort and you could say he actually overtries which can at times lead to him over balancing. We would much rather have students who try too hard though so this is not a bad thing at all. We’d like to see him concentrate on tidying his karate up now and pay a little more attention to detail and he will make a brilliant black belt in the near future. He is so strong and determined and we are excited by his talent. Well done!

Sonny Millington – Students don’t come more dedicated than this young man. He is at every class, every event and every tournament we put on. He pushes himself and tries hard to get better. Sonny’s talent is enormous and he really does have everything it takes to be very special at karate. He is a cheeky little chappy who is fun to have around and he did really well on his grading day despite feeling a bit under the weather. We just need to work on the behaviour and LISTENING (he knows this) and we will have an extraordinarily good black belt on our hands. The sky is the limit for someone as talented as Sonny, he just needs to work on that focus and we will get there. Well done mate! Very well deserved 1st Kyu.


As always we should say a huge thank you to the parents who week in, week out drive you to karate and keep you going even when you aren’t that motivated. Without your support, they wouldn’t be able to achieve any of this.

Biggest thanks goes to Instructor team who work hard with the students all year to get them ready to grade and also help us massively on the day. Without you, none of it would be possible. You really are the best!