Rochdale Grading: 16-10-2016

Congratulations to all of the students who successfully passed their first or next kyu grades at our October grading.

We had students attempting orange belt right up to 1st kyu and we were very impressed with the effort and energy shown by all.

There was a lot of youngsters grading on the day and all were very enthusiastic and eager to please. They had bags of energy and showed brilliant concentration especially considering they only usually train for an hour and the grading lasts over two hours.

There were some excellent students going for yellow belt including Alex Pylypczuk, Nicole and Lucas South and Demi McDonagh. The students attempting green belt also did brilliantly – Jackie and Aaron Moss and Victoria Forshaw- Well done.

The students going to purple belt were all fantastic too including Ellie Laytham who was awarded the Student of the Grading trophy, she was outstanding. She is making great progress and is definitely one to watch in the future. Matt Laytham, Zoe Fubarra, Catherine Vernum, Aaron Jefferson, Ava Baker and Gina Farrance were the best group of green belts going to purple belt that we have seen in ages. They were all awesome.

Miles Harrison and Matthew Holmes went for 4th Kyu and tried really hard. Both boys need to pay more attention to their Katas and we expect to see them improve in this area next time.

We had two students successfully grading to 2nd Kyu and one student successfully grade to 1st Kyu.

Kai Foley and Pete Stansfield both successfully graded to 2nd Kyu. Pete in particular showed an extremely high standard throughout. His karate is really improving and you’d have to go along way to find someone who tries harder. His attitude is spot on and he karate is well rounded, his kihon, kata and kumite was all equally impressive and we know that he will continue to work hard and improve further.

Kai Foley started the grading very nervously. He could do with trying a little harder during the kihon section but really excelled when we moved onto combinations, Kata and  especially kumite. Overall, his performance was very impressive and he is a very exciting talent for his age. He will no doubt continue to work hard with Emma Sensei who is doing a fab job with his development.

Lee Murphy from the Helmshore dojo earned every inch of his 1st Kyu belt. You couldn’t have asked for more effort and he was completely and thoroughly exhausted by the end of the grading. Lee is too hard on himself and needs to have more confidence before attempting his Shodan. His karate was excellent on the day and we were all impressed with his work rate and determination throughout.

Well done to everyone and as always a huge thanks to the parents and supporters for their attendance on the day. It makes a huge difference to the students. Big thanks to the Sensei’s, assistants and cadets who helped out. We have a great team and are very lucky to have each and every one of you pushing the Club in the right direction.