Kata Tournament: Ring 2 Events Schedule – 27/2/2016

Ring 2 Events Schedule

Thank you for entering our Kata Tournament, remember our competition is for the purposes of enjoyment. Win, lose or draw, everybody will be awarded a certificate just for taking part. Best of luck to everyone who is brave enough to put themselves out there on the mat.

Parents and supporters are always welcome and it is free to spectate. All students under the age of 16 years must be accompanied by an adult. Below you will find extra information and the schedule of events for Ring 2.


Date: Saturday 27th February


The Co-operative Academy of Manchester Sports Hall

Plant Hill Road

Higher Blakeley


M9 0WQ


There is plenty of free parking at the venue. Tea, coffee, sandwiches, snacks and cakes will be available to purchase on the day at reasonable prices and we have arranged R.G Photography (a professional martial arts photography company) to take photos on the day. Action shots and winning moments will be available to purchase on the day or view after the event.

All students need to turn up at least 20 minutes before the start of your event to register with the Ring Runner. It is advisable that you warm up and practise before competing as there will not be a chance to do it once your event begins. Do not forget to bring your license with you.

Ring two is the middle ring in the Sports Hall.

Please make sure you check all three rings for your name. If you cannot see your name or you think you may have been placed in the wrong category, please contact your own Instructor and let them know.  Alternatively, you can send an email to: info@redtigerkarateclub.co.uk and I will resolve the situation for you.

Events will run to a tight schedule so please make sure you are where you are supposed to be at the right time. All Katas will be scored, then the top four will compete in a semi-final with the winning two competing again in a final. Medals, certificates and trophies will be awarded immediately after the event.

Good luck to everyone and we look forward to hosting another enjoyable and successful day.

Ring 2 Events Schedule:

Event 1:

  • Time: 10.00am-10.30am
  • Age: 5-6 years
  • Grades: White, Orange Belts, Red Belts and Yellow Belts
  • Names: Emily Knox, Leo Howard, Isobel Howard Scarlett Norman, Katy Lees, Danika Wood, Ashton Nabb, Lewis Alger, Jasper Jacobs, Leon Green, Noah Purvis, Edward Norman.

Event 2:

  • Time: 10.30am-11.00am
  • Age: 8 years
  • Grades: Green and Purple Belts
  • Names: Betty Eccles, Alfie Smethurst, Charlie Myers, Alex Gallacher, Sonny Millington, Scarlett Walch-Grognet, Jayden Popovski, Dominic Walton, Corey Stevens, Rory Corran.

Event 3:

  • Time: 11.00am-11.25am
  • Age: 9-12 years
  • Grades: Purple Belts
  • Names: Saaim Malik, Joel Purvis, Jonathan Seaton, Aimee Briggs, Xander Matanle, Faaiz Malik, Scarlett Halliday, Priya Bradley.

Event 4:

  • Time: 11.25am-11.35am
  • Age: 11 years
  • Grades: Black Belts
  • Names: Sophie Withington, Abby Fielding, Adam Karabedian

Event 5:

  • Time: 11.35am-11.45am
  • Age: 13-15 years
  • Grades: Female Black Belts
  • Names: Amelia Karabedian, Olivia Levell, Lori-Ann Moran, Emily Withington.

Event 6: Junro Kata Advanced Juniors                       

  • Time: 11.45am-12.00pm
  • Age: Juniors
  • Grades: Black Belts
  • Names: Grace Baron, Lori-Ann Moran, Sam Jackson, Adam Karabedian, Louis Johnson, Amelia Karabedian, Danny Silverwood, Abby Fielding. Adam and Amelia to have their Siblings Kata scored.

Event 7:

  • Time: 12.00pm-12.25pm
  • Age: Adult Females
  • Grades: Brown Belts to Black Belts
  • Names: Su Matthews, Nicole Chadwick, Bernadette Burton, Jackie Hall, Catherine Clarebrough, Jo Sysum, Charlotte Jackson, Helen Finney, Catherine Johnson.

Event 8:

  • Time: 12.25pm-12.35pm
  • Age: 12 years
  • Grades: Black Belts
  • Names: Louis Johnson, Grace Baron, Danny Silverwood, Annalea Tipton.

Event 9:

  • Time: 12.35pm-1pm
  • Age: 8-9 years
  • Grades: 4th Kyu to 3rd Kyu Boys
  • Names: Ellis Pindoria-Stott, Kai Foley, Zak Thomas Blackhurst, John Riley, Jacob Darkey, Jacob Kirk, Finley Dewhurst, Jaime Pratley.

Event 10:

  • Time: 1.00pm-1.10pm
  • Age: Adult
  • Grades: Instructors
  • Names: Emma Ginn, Callum Miles, Jonathan Longden

Event 11: Senior Grades Sibling Kata

  • Time: 1.10pm-1.30pm
  • Age: Juniors


  1. Greg and Phill Burton
  2. Sam and Charlotte Jackson
  3. Annalea and Georgia Tipton
  4. Grace and Isabella Baron
  5. Amelia and Adam Karabedian (performed and scored earlier)

Event 12: Senior Grades Pairs Kata

  • Time: 2.00pm-2.30pm
  • Age: Juniors


  1. Keeley Barton and Matthew Sheard
  2. Sam Jackson and Grace Baron: Gojushiho-sho
  3. Lori-Ann Moran and Emily Withington: Gojushiho-sho
  4. Nicole Chadwick and Isabelle Hair – Bassai Dai
  5. Isabella Baron and Zak Thomas Blackhurst – Bassai Dai
  6. Finley McLennan and James Sherlock – Bassai Dai
  7. Cerys Hall and Ava Hanson – Tekki Shodan
  8. Louis Standring and Bradley Bowker – Empi
  9. Olivia Levell and Lewis Thomas – Jion
  10. Jonty Johnson and Jaime Pratley – Bassai Dai
  11. Matthew Affleck and Louis Johnson
  12. Isabelle Wilkie and Georgie Dyal
  13. Cairan Abbott and Mia Dickerson

Event 13: Senior Grades Team Kata

  • Time: 2.30pm-3.00pm
  • Age: Juniors


  1. Keeley Barton, Matthew Sheard and Jasmine Johnston
  2. Lori-Ann Moran, Sam Jackson and Grace Baron: Gojushiho-sho
  3. Georgia Tipton, Annalea Tipton and Abby Fielding – Jion
  4. Matthew Affleck, Louis Johnson and Danny Silverwood – Jion
  5. Jaime Pratley, Ciaran Abbott and Jonty Johnson
  6. Finlay McLennan, James Sherlock and Jack Goman

Event 14: Family Kata – Heian Godan and Below

  • Time: 3pm-3.30pm


  1. Victoria Forshaw and Jade Holden
  2. Julia Riewald and Lukas Riewald-Pilling
  3. Tom Darkey and Jacob Darkey
  4. John Dolan, Helen Dolan, Liam Dolan and Thomas Dolan
  5. John O Donovan, Amy O Donovan and Lilly O Donovan
  6. Jayden Popovski and Zlatko Popovski
  7. Lola Girault, Kyle Girault and Aurelie Girault
  8. Ella and Lee Rylance
  9. David Smith and Ren Smith
  10. Chaffer Family – Heain Shodan
  11. Chaffer Family – Heain Nidan
  12. Jaime Pratley, Gary Pratley and Pratley
  13. Louise Hopkinson and Luke Hopkinson
  14. Angela Evans and Jorja Hughes
  15. Brendan Conyard and Ellen Conyard
  16. Mark Ellicott and Joshua Ellicott
  17. Dean, Joshua and Emily Knox

Event 15: Family Kata Tekki Shodan and above

  • Time: 3.30-4.00pm


  1. Mike Baron, Grace Baron and Isabella Baron – Bassai Dai
  2. Greg Burton, Bernie Burton and Phill Burton
  3. Joe Finney and Helen Finney – Tekki Shodan
  4. Jackie Hall and Cerys Hall – Tekki Shodan
  5. Dave Thomas and Lewis Thomas – Bassai Dai
  6. Craig Withington and Emily Withington
  7. Xander Matanle and Jo Sysum
  8. Catherine Johnson and Louis Johnson