Reddish and Rochdale Grading Results 6th and 7th May

What a brilliant weekend it has been. We have seen some outstanding performances at grading and both gradings had a 100% pass mark. This is not only down to the hard work of the students but also to our Instructor team; from Sensei’s to Assistants to Cadets. All have pulled together to make sure that the Chief Instructor had nothing to complain about! Thanks to all the Instructors, Cadets and Assistants who have helped us over the busy weekend and thanks also to the parents and supporters that make these achievements possible.

Saturday 6th May in Reddish

Congratulations to all at  the Saturday grading, it was one of the best we have held in the area with the highest grading students leading by example. There were some fantastic lower grades and we hope all those taking grading for the first time enjoyed themselves and will be able to relax a little before the next one.

There were so many candidates for Student of the Grading as so many students were much improved, but Betsy Bullen who trains with Sensei Dave, Sensei Debbie and Sensei Catherine beat off all competition. She successfully attempted her 4th Kyu and her standard and effort was exceptional.

There were also some great performances from Noah Green, Rob Vernon and Samuel Lees. Well done to you all.

We have 7 new brown belts and 4 new 1st Kyus and they were all on fire on Saturday.

Mario and Giuseppe Pezzino successfully attempted 3rd Kyu and both were excellent on the day. Giuseppe worked so hard in the basics he almost threw up bless him. He was determined to finish the grading and get his belt. He is a future superstar. Mario was equally impressive and they will both make really good black belts in the near future.

Joshua Brown has been training for over four years in the Denton class. He attends every single week and has improved considerably between 4th Kyu and 3rd Kyu. His concentration is much better and he is a lovely young lad! Well done Josh, we are proud of you!

Coral Gavaghan trains in our Sale and Timperley classes and has excellent karate. She works really hard and impressed all of the Instructors at the grading. Coral has no weak areas in her karate, her kihon, kata and kumite is all very good and she is definitely one to watch in the future. Well done.

Rhys and Graham Jenkins – It has been a while since we last saw Rhys and Graham at a grading and both have made lots of improvement. Their brown belts have been well earned.  Rhys worked really hard on Saturday and we were impressed with the improvement in skill and utter determination he showed in the kumite section. Well done and keep up the great work. Graham is making great progress and is a really strong karateka, his katas had improved and his effort is second to none. Congratulations.

Tom Darkey – One of our top adults, Tom travelled over from Sensei Mike’s Standish class to successfully attempt his 3rd Kyu. We always expect good things from Tom and he did not disappoint. Sharp, focused and ready for anything we threw at him, he was excellent. Well deserved 3rd Kyu and keep up the great work.

1st Kyu –

Therese and Juliette Stevinson – Superb performances from Therese and daughter Juliette. Both were excellent on the grading day and you just couldn’t have asked for more effort. They both gave it everything they had and earned every inch of their new belts. Both Therese and Juliette are very dedicated training at least twice a week every week since they first started. Juliette is an extremely promising prospect with limitless potential. She is already and one of the best young girls in the Club and proved why on Saturday. Congratulations to you both, continue with the same work rate, attention to detail and sheer determination into your black belt preparation and we are sure that you will be successful.

Rosie Morriss – What a great student Rosie Morriss is. She tried really hard from start to finish and clearly takes on board all the advice she gets from her Instructors. We were impressed with her sharp basics, excellent Katas and great attitude in the kumite. This is a very determined young lady who will make a great Black Belt. Well done!

Arrvin Singh-Bhakar – Every so often a student comes along and they have quality that you just can’t teach. Arrvin is that student and his karate is extraordinarily good. He is simply in a league of his own. Outstanding performance in all areas and we wouldn’t expect anything less from this lovely young man. He works really hard and it is the attention to detail that makes the difference. You can see him thinking about absolutely everything, trying to get it perfect. His Katas were exceptionally good and it would be great to see him let go a bit more in the kumite. We are very excited to see him achieve Black Belt and to see just how good he can become.


Sunday 7th May – Rochdale

A very busy grading followed another well attended Cadet Leader and Assistant Instructor class. We had a good mix of students taking their first full grade right up to students taking 1st Kyu. The lower grades were really good and everyone worked hard throughout the basics section as Sensei Paul was getting a little grumpy trying to get the best out of people.

After a nervous start, we began to see some very strong performances and lots of determination on show as they were all really trying hard to get their next belts.

Grant Pritchard was outstanding grading from green to purple belt. His standard is very good indeed as is daughter Isobel’s. Grant really enjoys his training and it shows through in his performance.

Gabriel Doyle and William Towler were also superb grading to 4th Kyu purple and white belt.

We have 4 new Brown Belts, 2 new 2nd Kyus and a whopping 9 new 1st Kyu’s.

3rd Kyu Brown Belts:

Dave and Ren Smith – Great performances from the super-talented and dedicated father and son duo. You’d have to go a long way to find somebody more hard working and enthusiastic about karate than Dave. He looks like he enjoyed every minute of the sweating and torture that is a 3rd Kyu Grading. Ren was ultra impressive as always and we are very hopeful that this talented young man can continue to work hard and reach his massive potential. Huge well done to you both. Fantastic students!

Betty Eccles – Awww what a little superstar, Betty was fantastic from start to finish. She might be little but she is brilliant at karate and showed us why she deserves one of our Brown Belts. Well done missus and keep up the good work!

Kirsten Wood – Outstanding improvement from this hard working young lady. She is really beginning to meet her potential and we were very impressed throughout the grading. Continue the renewed enthusiasm and push on, you are doing brilliantly Kirsten!


2nd Kyu

Sonny Millington – This is a young man with bags of talent, he really could be outstanding at karate. His standard is really high and he continues to improve and work hard week in week out. He does get a hard time from Sensei Paul but this is because he knows Sonny could be an absolute superstar if he had the concentration and focus to match his enormous talent. Sonny is getting there and were are very proud of him! Well done and keep up the great work.

Baraka Kulewa – Such a strong performance from this quiet and well mannered young man. We were so impressed with his karate especially his kumite and I’m sure there will be a few Sensei’s with soire ribs from Barakas kicks yesterday! Congratulations Baraka, you were great keep it up!


1st Kyu

Ava Hanson – What a superstar. Ava was amazing. She is catching up to big brother and one of our longest serving students Harrison. She was the most confident we have ever seen her after a nervous start, nothing was going to stop her getting her 1st Kyu and we couldn’t be more proud, well done missus. Next stop – black belt!

Kai Foley – Great grading from this superb student from the Clifton class. Kai has been with Sensei Emma since she very first started teaching and he made her super proud on Sunday. A really good performance especially in the kumite section, next stop –  black belt! well done!

Caitlian Moss – Caitlan has also been with Sensei Emma from the start and has always been very impressive at events and gradings, we were expecting her to be great and she did not disappoint us. Sometimes the pressure of the occasion and what is expected of you is hard to deal with, but when you have such great potential, we just have to put the pressure on to get the best out of people and we certainly saw some excellent karate from Caitlan on Sunday. Well done, you were a superstar!

Olivia Fagan – What a hard-working and dedicated student Olivia is. She is super-strong and super-powerful and we are certain she’d have no problems looking after herself in a self-defence situation. One of the original Standish gang still going strong and getting better and better every time we see her. She never misses classes and takes every opportunity to improve her karate by attending courses and events. Well done, you made everybody so proud!

Ethan and Jacob Kirk – What can we say about the Kirk bothers, these two are absolutely brilliant at karate. We expected them to be really good and they exceeded our expectations, they were amazing. Both boys couldn’t have worked harder and they were completely exhausted by the end of the grading. Ethan has made exceptional progress and we were so impressed with him. Jacob was awarded Student of the Grading by Sensei Paul for making outstanding progress and giving is 110% from start to finish. It meant so much to him to be recognized by the Instructors and his face when his name was shouted out at the end was a memory to treasure.

Alex Gallacher – Another original member of the Standish gang and a really lovely young lad. Alex worked his backside off throughout the grading and really wanted his 1st Kyu. He has made good progress between 2nd and 1st Kyu and really knows his stuff. Great grading from Alex, keep pushing on and you’ll soon be a black belt well done!

John Riley – John is an exceptional student and we were really excited to see how much he has improved. He certainly didn’t disappoint us, he was outstanding. John has naturally high ability but fortunately for Sensei Mike, John has the work ethic to match the talent! He listens to feedback and shows great attention to detail and we have no doubt that if he keeps up the great work, he will make an exceptional Black Belt. Well done John!

Kevin Longthorne – Kevin is an extraordinarily talented student. He must be a dream to teach and we are lucky to have him as one of our cadet leaders. Kevin is dedicated, determined, kind to others, very focused, he has excellent technique and everything you need to make it to the very top. This young man has Student of the Year written all over him. His performance on Sunday was pure class and we just can’t wait to see him continue to fulfill his potential at future events, tournaments and his Black Belt grading in the coming months. Well done young man – he’s like a mini Sensei Paul!