Photo Shoot at Cadet Leader & Assistant Instructor Class

Mike Baron Sensei is a professional photographer at Vanilla Pod Studios in Wigan and has kindly agreed to do a professional photo shoot at Cadet Leader and Assistant Instructor Training this Sunday 7th February.

We are offering any student/assistants training on the day a fantastic opportunity to get their photo taken in their karate uniform doing any karate move you can think of. This photo shoot will take place to raise money for our England Squad members to assist them with the mounting costs of competitions and squad training.

You can even have your photo taken with your friends or family members if you like.

We will send you the JPEG via email so you can download it/put it on your facebook/ print it out or send it to your family and friends. This is a unique opportunity as Mike Sensei is one of the best and busiest photographers in the North West. I’m sure we all have a lot of pictures of us doing karate when we are not ‘photo ready’ or have a red face and sweaty hair due to just completing a grading. This is a good chance to get a nice photo!

We would ask that you make a £5 contribution towards the squad fund and give your chosen email address in on the day. Mike Sensei will do the rest and make you look like a supermodel! If you would like more than one JPEG you can have up to 5 for a £10 contribution.

We may also use some of the photos on our rotating banner on our website so you could be our next cover star!

Please make sure that your Gi is clean and ironed and your hair is looking stylish! If you would like to bring along any trophies or medals you have earned over the years that that would be absolutely fine.

When you sign in before Cadet Class, we will make a list of who would like photos so please let us know before the class starts so we can pull you out of line when it is your turn.

Here are some examples of Mike Barons excellent work at our last photo shoot:



_IMG6663 i-J78jHNj-2707x1245 photo (7)