*******Phil Butterfield – Newly Qualified Assistant Instructor*****

Congratulations to our latest addition to our rapidly expanding team of Assistant Instructors. Phil Butterfield has been a dedicated Sempai for a few years now. He has been helping out in the Stoneclough class with Emma Ginn Sensei and is an absolutely lovely fella. Phil passed his examination at the Stoneclough Dojo under the watchful eye of Mike Beckwith Sensei on Saturday 14th May.

He is a natural leader and delivers well planned and challenging sections when teaching. He engages with the students brilliantly and is constantly trying to get students to try harder and improve what they are doing. He teaches with confidence and is very encouraging. Phil has all the qualities required to be a highly successful Instructor. His own karate is strong and tidy, he is patient and nurturing and by all accounts delivered an excellent examination class.

Phil is adaptable and could teach just about anything you’d ask him to. We are delighted to have him on our team and we are certain he will be fantastic in his own class one day. Well done Phil!

Congratulations also to Emma Ginn Sensei who has been working hard with Phil and has guided him through the book brilliantly. Thanks also to Mike Beckwith Sensei who took the assessment at such short notice.

Since Mike Sensei and Nicola Sensei have taken over the leadership of our future Instructors, the group has improved massively and month by month, we are finding that people have passed the assessment to an excellent standard. It just highlights the fact that Red Tiger has more than just two people who make it work the way it does. We have a team of highly skilled seniors who work tirelessly and contribute greatly to our groups’ continued success.