Paul Sensei passes his 5th Dan at the JKS World Technical Seminar in Tokyo


We are delighted to announce that Paul Wolstencroft Sensei has successfully passed his 5th Dan at the JKS World Technical Seminar in Tokyo on Sunday 3rd December.

This is an incredible achievement and one as a Club we can all be very proud of. We all know we have a great karateka in charge and how lucky we are to train with him. His dedication and passion for karate is unlike any other and he is inspirational for many. Paul Sensei has an amazing gift and his karate is so special, he is strong, powerful and makes it look effortless. He has been training for over 20 years and to reach this level at the age of just 34 is so impressive and without doubt, will give many of our gifted and talented youngsters something to aspire to.

He has been working extremely hard with Matt Price Sensei on his karate and with his personal trainer throughout 2017 to fully prepare himself for this and he must be very relieved that his hard work has paid off.

I’m sure he won’t relax though! There will always be something to keep him focused so watch out everyone!

Mike Beckwith Sensei who has also travelled to Japan to train at the Seminar sent the following report:


“Paul Sensei travelled to Japan to train at the Hombu Dojo before attending the weekend International Seminar at Teikyo University, home of some of the best karate ka in the world and I’m sure of future Olympians, too.

After three excellent sessions at the Hombu dojo on Wednesday and Thursday we made our way to the University for a Friday evening session with Kagawa Shihan, who took us through Hangetsu kata and Meikyo kata.

On Saturday we trained with Uryo Sensei in the morning, who took us through the koten Katas Rakuyo, Seiryo and Kihouken Yonso.
In the afternoon we split into two groups with a Kumite and kata group. Finally, on Sunday morning we trained with Okamoto Sensei who took us through a good Kihon section before Paul Sensei attempted his grading.

After what seemed an eternity of waiting Paul Sensei performed his Tokui kata Nijushiho almost to perfection before being asked to perform kata Kanku Dai before the examiners, Norman Robinson Sensei, Yamaguchi Sensei, Kanayama Sensei and the President of the JKS.  Again, his kata was fantastic, performed to an excellent standard with good flow and application.

Finally, after another lengthy wait, he was asked to spar. There ware two excellent bouts, including a lovely ashi-barai, then the wait for the result. After a short time, the fantastic news we had been waiting and hoping for was given. Paul Sensei was awarded the rank of 5th Dan black belt. A fantastic achievement and a deserved recognition for all his hard work and dedication to his karate and Red Tiger Karate Club.

Congratulations Sensei, I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say how happy and proud of you we all are!”


Congratulations to Hans Rana Sensei who successfully graded to 6th Dan and Rob Edwards Sensei who successfully graded to 3rd Dan. JKS England has such a strong team of motivated and dedicated seniors.

We are extremely lucky to have these extraordinary opportunities as part of the JKS and thank you to Alan Campbell Sensei for making it possible and Matt Price Sensei for pushing Sensei Paul really hard over the last few months to prepare him for the grading.

The wife and son cannot wait to see you to celebrate! I had to have a few scoops for you! Haha! Well done – you have made us very proud x