Class News

Parents and Siblings may train for free throughout January!

We have a fantastic offer throughout January for our parents or siblings who might like to give karate a try and get rid of some of the Christmas excess ‘energy’ or ‘baggage’!

Any parent or sibling who are not already members of the Club can train free of charge at any class (apart from classes with waiting lists)  until the 31st January 2017.

What a great way to start your karate journey by starting your free trial now.

You do not need any previous experience or any level of fitness whatsoever – we all had to start somewhere – right?

Complete beginners are welcome as are those who have trained in the past.

What have you got to lose? Come down in your trackies and give it a go. Everyone is very friendly, it’s about having a laugh, working out together and trying something new.

You never know – you might just like it. There are so many benefits to training in karate, now is time to start enjoying them.

If you want to carry on training in Feb, we offer great discounts making it more affordable for families to train together.

What are you waiting for? It is free! GET ON IT!