Newsletter for July/August and Cancellations Procedure

We hope you are all well and enjoying being back at karate. It has been wonderful to have our adults back and to welcome so many new faces over the last couple of months. We’ve had plenty of new beginners and parents join in which is fantastic!

We are slowly getting there. We just need to keep looking after one another and following the EKF guidance. We hope to ease the restrictions on adults training and welcome back our spectators as soon as possible. There is no news on this just yet, we hope to get some clarity over the next few weeks and will pass on any information as soon as we have it.

There is plenty to look forward to over the next few weeks including;

  • Kyu Gradings in classes for those put forward by their Instructor
  • Our Summer Attendance Rewards programme 
  • New 2021 Kappa Club Jackets
  • Karate going into the Olympics for the first time ever – we will be running some FREE competitions in classes to celebrate this and there will be plenty of medals up for grabs. 

Karate nominated for the Olympic Games 2020 in TokioNEWS

We are so excited for the Olympics! It’s going to be awesome.

Kata and Kumite categories are expected take place on the 5th-7th August 2021 so look out for those on your TV. If we all support our sport by tuning in, perhaps karate will be considered once again as sport for future Olympic Games. 

Bookings for July 

Booking is now open for classes in July. Class capacities have remained the same but places can come up at very short notice so if you can’t get on your usual class, please keep trying.

If you need any help with your bookings please email and I’ll be happy to help you. Even if it is rolling all your invoices into 1 payment so you don’t have to sit there for ages paying individual invoices, please just ask. We know it is rather complicated to book for more than one person and appreciate your patience with this until we can simplify things when the restrictions are eased. 

Cancellations due to isolation/ ZOOM lessons

There has been a sharp increase over the last couple of weeks in students having to isolate. We understand that this is through no fault of your own and we are supportive of this. This stops people coming to class and potentially passing on the virus.  

The usual cancellation procedure is that if you cancel giving 24 hours notice or more, you can have a refund or another class rebooked for you. You will be able to cancel via the APP but still need to notify us via email. If you give us less than 24 hours notice, you won’t be able to cancel via the APP and you will lose your payment if we cannot fill your place. 

If you are cancelling due to you/your child having to isolate and give us less than 24 hours notice, we will rebook you onto another class at a future date or book you onto the ZOOM class free of charge. We understand that this is completely unavoidable.  

May we remind everyone that we are still running a ZOOM lesson every Wednesday evening from 6.30-7.30pm with Debbie Carter Sensei (and Brian the gorgeous doggy) and we would encourage you to book onto this if you are isolating so that you do not miss out on too much training. 

Debbie Sensei will be covering combinations and Katas for KYU gradings over the next few weeks so it will an hour of your time very well spent! She is a fab Instructor. Please give it a go.   

Kyu Gradings in Classes

For those who have been invited to attempt their first or next grade in classes we want you to know this is nothing to worry about. Although it is a ‘test’, it is also to reward you for all your hard work during these weirdest of times and to recognise how far you have come. It is our first time using this format as well as yours. All you have to do is turn up with a positive attitude and try your best! We want you to pass!

The visiting examiners are Paul Wolstencroft Sensei and/or Mike Beckwith Sensei. You will warm up with the rest of the class and then be called up in small groups to perform your Combinations, Katas and Kumite Drills. You will find out at the end of the session if you have passed and belts and certificates will be awarded there and then. If you are unsuccessful, you’ll be given some constructive feedback. 

You’ll need to bring your license, a drink and your mitts and pads (for juniors). 

Good luck to you all. 

Future Kyu grading dates – we will doing more Kyu gradings in September for those who didn’t quite complete enough lessons to be put in this time around. 

Future Dan grading date – A Dan grading will be organised for those due for Shodan or Nidan 6-8 weeks after the adults are allowed to spar again (hopefully July 19th?). This will give your Instructors some time to prepare you properly. It will also give us adults chance to regain some distance control. I haven’t forgotten about you. 

Licenses and Shop Items

We are working our way through all current members to make sure you all have a valid license. We’ve had a large number of renewals in over the last few weeks but there are still plenty of students training who are out of date.

Also, if you are a new member have been training for more than four weeks, you will need to get a license. 

New memberships and Renewals are easily accessible online, please follow this link…….

Renewals cost £20, new memberships cost £22 and this includes 1 years membership to the EKF.

We also have Karate Uniforms on Sale at £18.40 for kids sizes (110cm-150cm) and adults sizes at £20 (160cm-200cm). You just need to measure your height (in cm) and choose the next size up so you have room for growth. E.G. if your child measures 125cm – you’ll need to order a 130cm. From 5th July, you’ll be able to collect these at classes rather than paying for postage. Although you will receive your gi much sooner if we post to your address. Here is the link….

Again, if you have any questions or need any help, I am happy to be of assistance. My email is 

Happy training everyone! 

Rachael Sensei 🙂


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