Newly Qualified Assistant Instructor – Sam Jackson – Well done!!!

Great news to share this week as Denton trainee Sam Jackson successfully passes his Assistant Instructor examination, first time round the age of just 17!

Sam was amazing, he planned and delivered an awesome Denton Class on Tuesday 5th March. His teaching was absolutely fantastic and his class plan was delivered to perfection! Sam expects a top standard of karate and lots of effort from everyone, he offered plenty of feedback and correction for the group and looked right at home at the front of the class. Sam the man proved that he is as brilliant at teaching, as he is at karate and we are so lucky to have him helping out at Denton.

He remained calm and completely professional throughout, even when his focus was tested by a few of the younger ones with their trumpet trousers! Haha!We didn’t get a picture of Sam and his certificate at the end but this close up of his ‘don’t mess with me face’ will do nicely! (thanks Mike Baron Sensei)

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Well done young man, we are all really pleased for you and proud of you. When you have a class of your own, I’d happily come and train with you!

Huge thanks to Mike Beckwith Sensei who gave up his time to assess him, I think it’s safe to say he was impressed and made the following comments:

“I was lucky enough to attend the Denton dojo tonight to do Sam Jacksons Assistant Instructor assessment. 

For someone who works so hard at karate, and is one of the top junior karate-ka’s in the club, it was great to see him pass his Assistant assessment this evening. 

Like anyone who takes the assessment, he was nervous to start with.  Although he was confident in his abilities, he admitted to feeling the pressure of the assessment – In all honesty though, you would never have known! 

There is a lot to get through in the Red Tiger syllabus for an assessment, but Sam got through it all comfortably and he was ably assisted by Connor Cherry Sensei, Rachael Wolstencroft Sensei, Zak Thomas-Blackhurst and Alex Ryan who were deployed at various stages in the class to help him. 

The class was a varied group from Red Belts to Nidans so Sam needed a detailed class plan to make sure all the students get something out of the class. 

Sam scored highly in every section, with maximum marks scored in nearly all of them.  His explanations were as good as his demonstrations and the further along the assessment he got the more confident he became. 

He isn’t an “in your face – look at me” karate-ka, in fact, I think he is actually quite shy and embarrassed by a lot of the attention he gets.  He will have to get used to this attention though, as he will be a fantastic Instructor who I am sure will develop some awesome students. 

Sam is another of our fantastic students who has come through the Cadet Leader ranks, like Brandon Lee Sensei, Callum Miles Sensei and so many others before him and it’s a compliment to him that one of the students came over to me whilst they were getting their mitts and pads on and said it was a great class and that they were enjoying it! 

Huge thanks to all the students at the Denton dojo who behaved impeccably for Sam and also to Rachael Wolstencroft Sensei and Connor Cherry Sensei for all their hard work in getting Sam through to this point. 

All that remains is to say, well done Sam and welcome to the team!