****Newly Qualified Assistant Instructor – Helen Dolan*****

We are pleased to report that Helen Dolan who trains with her husband Sensei John and two lovely boys Thomas and Liam at various classes has successfully passed the Assistant Instructor exam at her first attempt.

The examination was conducted by Mike Beckwith Sensei at their Whitefield dojo and by all accounts Helen’s performance was fantastic.  

Helen is a very capable karate-ka and an absolutely lovely lady, she is always very supportive of Red Tiger students and is constantly encouraging them to do well and achieve more. We are lucky to have the Dolan family and I’m sure that Helen will make a brilliant Instructor in the near future.

Huge thanks to Mike Beckwith Sensei for assessing Helen and the Whitefield class for being very supportive. Helen assists at our Castleton Class and this is the first time Bernie Burton Sensei and John Dolan Sensei have put anyone forward for the Assistant exam and both should be pleased to have produced such a confident and capable Assistant. Well done.

Mike Sensei made the following comments:

“What a fabulous assessment tonight by Helen. 

When we started with the phrase “The Fire exits are here and here, and please keep all shoes and bags to the side of the dojo ” I knew we were on to a good assessment! 

She looked unbelievably comfortable at the front of the class, teaching the Whitefield students that she ordinarily trains alongside. 

She kept their attention all the way through the class with some good demonstrations and excellent interaction with the class, jumping in amongst the students to correct faults as and when necessary. 

She was humorous but approachable and moved easily through the syllabus scoring highly in every section.  

Her class plan was detailed and well thought out, linking each section together from basics to stances to kata and kumite 

John Dolan Sensei and Bernadette Burton Sensei have obviously worked extremely hard to get Helen ready and she didn’t let them down.  There are very few people that I have seen that look so comfortable at the front of the class that I would say could have their own class tomorrow AND retain the students but Helen is definitely one of them. 

A fabulous assessment and a joy to watch. Welcome to the team Helen! Absolutely Brilliant!