Morecambe Grading Results: Saturday 22nd June

We held a grading for the students training over in the Morecambe area on Saturday 22nd June.

The standard as always was really high with some fab performances throughout.


Fourteen students progressed to their first or next grade and Paul Sensei was really pleased with the progress they are all making.

Congratulations everyone and keep up the great work. Well done to Dave Sensei and Debbie Sensei who are doing a great job in the area.

Lydia Jeffreys was awarded Student of the Grading as well as her Red Belt for her outstanding effort and excellent technique. Well done.

One student graded to her 2nd Kyu Brown Belt – Holly Quinn and tried her absolute best from start to finish. A little more work could be done to improve her kumite but overall her standard was fantastic. It must be difficult at such a young age to perform in front of everyone when you are the only one going for a high grade but she battled her nerves and put loads of effort in. Well done missus, one more before the Black belt!

Thanks to Debbie Sensei for helping out and sorting the certificates. It is much appreciated.