Matt Price Sensei Course

What a brilliant day we all had. All three courses sold out in 5 days and it is easy see why. Matt Price Sensei is an inimitable talent, there is nothing that Matt Sensei is cannot teach or do impressively. Thank you so much to all the students who attended and worked hard and all the parents and supporters who gave up their time on the day.
Matt Price Sensei 3
Matt Sensei taught 3 different courses. The first course was Kata-based and the following Katas were covered – Heian Godan, Bassai Dai and Junro Nidan. This was followed by a point scoring kumite course where all students worked on kicking and striking techniques and combinations. We saw some extraordinary demonstrations of winning kumite techniques.
Matt Price Sensei
The last course was a grappling and takedowns. We worked on arm bars, triangle chokes and a single leg takedown. Matt Sensei then accepted all challenges from the children and adults who were crazy enough to try and grapple him! They absolutely loved it.
Matt Price Sensei 2
Overall it was a thoroughly enjoyable day. We all left with plenty to work on and will work hard to improve. Matt Sensei’s expert advice really can take your karate to the next level so we would encourage you all to take on-board everything that was taught on the day.
Thanks to Mike Baron Sensei and Michelle Baron for taking photographs on the day and processing them so quickly. The photos can be viewed on our facebook group page or you can view and download the ones you want from their Vanilla Pod Photography Studio site. Follow the link below and the password is: redtiger
Matt Price Sensei Photos…………..