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Matt Price Sensei 6th Dan Club Visit – Monday 3rd September


Our Club were very lucky to be hosting the increasingly busy and immensely talented Matt Price Sensei 6th Dan (National Squad Coach) on Monday 3rd September.

Big thanks to everyone who supported the sessions and trained hard throughout the night. Thanks also to Matt Sensei for giving up his night to share his knowledge and inspire our squad and Instructor team.

Matt Sensei taught our Kata and Kumite Squads followed by our Combined Class with our Trainee’s, Assistants and Instructor teams.

It was a fantastic night and the sessions were all really challenging, which is exactly what you’d expect from Matt Sensei.

We have a lot to improve on and will keep working hard for Sensei’s next visit. Matt Sensei had some really useful drills which hopefully will be used by our Instructors in their classes in the coming weeks.

Our squad have also been given plenty to work on and we look forward to seeing them build upon what they’ve been taught over the next few months. We really are lucky to learn from one of the most successful and experienced British competitors of all time. Take what you have learned and put it into your Kata and Kumite. What you don’t use, you lose.

We finished off the evening by doing the Summer Rewards Scheme Draw so our lucky winners must remember to thank Matt Sensei when they see him. I’m sure all of the people with very sore and aching bodies today will be looking forward to his next visit already.

Paul Sensei also awarded the Most Outstanding Competitor of our Club Kata and Kumite Championships which took place back in June.

After giving it over two months thought (haha) the huge trophy was awarded to a very deserving young man who won both the Kata and Kumite categories in the men’s division. He was such an exciting competitor to watch all day and I’m sure everyone who saw him was very impressed and entertained!

Well done Connor Cherry! Fully deserved young man. Here he is looking very happy with his trophy and looking (just a bit) sweaty after training!