******Mark Ellicott – New Assistant Instructor*******

We are delighted to report that another one of our talented and committed trainee’s has just successful passed the assistant’s course and become a qualified Assistant Instructor.

Fantastic news for Little Lever Sempai and longtime student of the Radcliffe class – Mark Ellicott. By all accounts you are an absolute natural. Congratulations to Callum Miles Sensei who himself came through our Cadet Leader – Assistant Instructor – Instructor system. This is the third time Callum Sensei has helped a trainee to pass the exam at the very first attempt.

Thanks to Mike Beckwith Sensei our examiner who gavce up his time to complete the assessment on Wednesday 15th March. Mike Sensei made the following comments regarding Mark’s class:

“I had the pleasure of going over to the Little Lever dojo tonight to do Marks assessment. Right from the start Mark looked comfortable and relaxed at the front of the class which transferred to the students who all trained really hard for him.

Mark had his class plan prepared and he was well versed in how to run each section with detailed timings and his class assistants and cadets were a huge help to him.

The class started with a good energetic warm up to start with rewards for the winners of the games.

Mark then progressed through each section, scoring highly in all of them. All the way through his enthusiasm shone through, there was lots of positive praise, guidance and motivation throughout.

His Cadet Leaders, Corey Stevens and Gina Farance, were a massive help, walking round with bags etc. for the students to strike, and all the time Mark looked relaxed and seemed to be really enjoying his teaching.

I think one of his best sections was the kicking section were there was some good detailed explanations of the techniques.

The students worked really hard for Mark tonight and are a credit to him and Sensei Callum Miles who appears to have put in a lot of time and effort working with Mark leading up to a fab assessment.

Thanks to all the students at Little Lever for their efforts and also Corey and Gina for their assistance. Well done to Callum Miles Sensei for his guidance with Mark.

Finally, well done Mark. It was a really good assessment and I’m sure you will make an awesome Instructor.

Welcome to the team!”