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Manchester Grading Results: Saturday 23rd February 2019

We held our 2nd grading of the year on Saturday 23rd Feb at the National Taekwondo Centre. This was for students training in the South Manchester and Cheshire classes.

The standard across the board was excellent with all students successfully passing their first or next grades.

Congratulations to you all, you were fab.

There were plenty of students grading for the very first time and they were all super-keen to impress. They did fantastically well and we hope that they enjoyed the first step on the road toward their Black Belt.

We also saw some fantastic students attempting their red belt especially those from the Haslingden Class. An extra big well done to Elliot Crompton who was originally going for his orange belt, who got double graded to red belt for his exceptional effort and knowledge.

Well done to all of our new yellow and green belts, these students have been training for over 1-2 years now and are well on their way towards Black Belt. I am extra proud of those who graded from Reddish who have had a rather disrupted last few months. You all did brilliantly especially Jessica Nickson, Issac Shakos and Dexter Earley who are all progressing exceptionally well.

The group who attempted purple belts all tried really hard, congratulations to Ethan Fong and Luke Bradshaw Swann (who were both picked out to demonstrate), Max McGrath, Matthew Tyrrell and Alex Bathurst. Your standard was really high, keep up the great work.

Lewis Alger and Leon judge both impressed as they successfully earned their 4th Kyu. This is a real milestone of a grade as things really start to get serious as they approach Black Belt. They were both pushed hard and coped with the pressure brilliantly. Congratulations.

Jaime Padron Sensei made the most of a last minute invite to grade. He worked extremely hard from start to finish and showed that his standard is excellent. Jaime Sensei has improved a lot between 3rd Kyu and 2nd Kyu and you can tell just how much he enjoys the challenge of karate and how passionate he is about fulfilling his massive potential. His performance was really impressive and he is working really well towards his Black Belt.

Jayden Clarke also graded to 2nd Kyu and you could tell he had really put the work in. Jayden has started to take his training very seriously, he’s training several times a week and become so much more focused. He’s got really supportive parents which makes a massive difference around this grade but the hard work has all been his. Jayden is a lovely lad and is a pleasure to teach. Keep up the great work young man!

Abby Fryer earned every inch of her 1st Kyu belt. She was pushed beyond her limits and we know this is an extremely talented young lady indeed. Her standard from start to finish was outstanding as was her effort. She worked so hard she was sick, then still came back for me. An amazing performance from an absolute superstar in the making. We are so proud, well done!

Charlie Eyre was awarded his 1st Kyu and proved to everyone that without doubt he has everything it takes and more to become a Black Belt. He struggled through his last few gradings but has been putting in extra time and plenty of hard work over the last 12 months and has completely transformed his karate. What a determined young man, I’m sure his parents are extremely proud of the way he has turned his training around and how fantastic he has become at katrate. Keep up the excellent work.

Both Abby and Charlie were awarded Student of the Grading and both were very well deserved.

Well done to everyone and thanks to all the parents and supporters who attended on the day.

Huge thanks to all the Instructors, without whom, we wouldn’t have such a fab club with high standards and we wouldn’t be able to run these big events so smoothly.