****Louise Hopkinson – Newly Qualified Assistant Instructor****

Congratulations to Louise Hopkinson who has been working together with Sensei’s Mike and Leesa Beckwith and easily passed her Assistant Instructor exam on the 8th June at the very first attempt.

By all accounts, it sounds as though she did brilliantly on her assessment and we are so pleased to hear just how far she progressed in terms of both teaching ability and confidence.  We are pleased to welcome you to our rapidly expanding team and delighted to share the news that you have passed. Well done.

Mike Beckwith Sensei who conducted the assessment and co-ordinates our Assistant Instructor program had only good things to say about her performance:

“Louise has to be one of the nicest ladies you could ever meet and also one of the most nervous and least confident.”

“She joined Whitefield dojo about 12 months ago and shortly after was asked to Sempai. She agreed (hesitantly) but since then she has grown so much in confidence.”

“Over the last few weeks she has been running different sections of the class and building up to doing her assessment. She led the class brilliantly even though her nerves were obvious to begin with, but she stuck at it and, even though the students were a bit boisterous, she ran a good class and kept everything under control.”

“She scored highly in practically every section and over the whole assessment only dropped about 5 marks! She maintained a disciplined class, making sure all the students behaved. Her sections were well planned and well delivered and her demonstrations were excellent. She got in amongst the class to correct them and maintained a good interaction with them all.”

“Even though she didn’t feel that everything had gone how she wanted, it was still a great class and brilliant to watch.”

“Big thanks to all the students at Whitefield for their support for Louise. All that remains to say is “Well done Louise and welcome to the team”