Learn your next Kata with Champ Grace Baron! Links are available to buy now……


Mike Baron Sensei and Grace Baron of Vanilla Pod Studios have been hard at work for the last couple of weeks to produce a series of Kata Video’s. This is a unique opportunity to learn your next Kata (or next few Katas) with JKS England National Kata Champ Grace Baron.

Each video is specifically designed to help you to learn or perfect your chosen kata; at your own pace, in your own time. We have kept them short and sweet, perfect for daily practise.

Grace demonstrates each Kata slowly and clearly. Mike Sensei has added instructions and clips of alternative angles (front, side and back), so that you will be able to see exactly what Grace is doing and follow her with ease. Once downloaded the videos are HD and high quality and are priced at just £3.50.

We released Kata Heian Shodan on Friday FREE OF CHARGE. You are all more than welcome to download this. If you are a white belt or an orange belt, this is the Kata you will be expected to perform to successfully reach your orange and red belt.



Click the link below and you can download Heian Shodan:

LINK: https://vanillapod.smugmug.com/Redtiger/n-tc675/Heian-shodan/i-bhnzGJZ
PASSWORD : shodan

The rest of the Kata Series is now available to buy and download. To help the parents of our younger students; I have added a recommendation to each video which lets you know what your child is working on for their next grade. However you may purchase as few or as many as you like. Big thank you to Mike Sensei and Grace for doing this for us at such an affordable price. The videos are superb quality and Grace’s karate is as good as it gets! This offers you all a wonderful opportunity to learn your katas and show off to your Sensei when we are all back together in the dojo.

How to buy: 

To purchase any video from the series below, all you need to do is send an email to: info@redtigerkarateclub.co.uk and request which Kata video(s) you’d like to buy. These will cost just £3.50 each.

This can be paid for by BACS and then I will send you the link. Please note I am a little busier than usual at the moment but I will get back to you as quickly as possible.


      1) Heian Nidan (recommended for red belts working towards yellow belt)


Image preview

2) Heian Sandan (recommended for yellow belts working towards green belt)


Image preview


3) Heian Yondan (recommended for green belts working towards purple belt)


Image preview


4) Heian Godan (recommended for purple belts working towards purple & white belt)


Image preview


5) Tekki Shodan (recommended for purple & White belts working towards brown belt)


Image preview


6) Bassai Dai recommended for brown belts working towards 2nd Kyu and 1st Kyu


Image preview


7) Kanku-Dai recommended for Black Belts working towards Nidan and above


Image preview