Lee Rylance – New Assistant Instructor

We are delighted to announce that Lee Ryalnce who teaches at the Holy Trinity in Bury with Sensei Callum has passed his Assistant Instructor examination at his very first attempt.

Mike Beckwith Sensei conducted the assessment at the Whitefield class on Thursday 24th November which must have been more difficult as usually, assessments take place in the class that you normally help out in. Lee managed to teach a class full of new faces in unfamiliar surroundings and handled the pressure brilliantly.

Lee is an excellent addition to the Instructor team with good, solid karate and we are certain he will make a great Instructor in the not too distant future.

Well done!

Huge thanks to Sensei Mike for his time, expertise and doing the assessment, he made the following comments:

“It’s always hard to go and teach a class when you don’t know the students but to go and do your assessment is even harder, but that is exactly what Lee had to do tonight.

Like all Assistants taking the test he was nervous to start, but after a good energetic warm up he soon got into his stride, quicker than a lot of others do when doing their assessments.

Lee delivered a good, solid and steady assessment and was more than ably assisted by his daughter Ella. It’s important to remember that when we are assessing Assistants we don’t want them to reinvent the wheel – just deliver a good solid class as per the format. Lee did that perfectly with good demonstrations and consistently getting in amongst the students correcting and encouraging them.

He made some accurate points and whilst he stumbled a couple of times on the Japanese terminology he pretty much got everything else right, scoring high percentages in each section.

Lee is a really nice guy and came across really well in the class tonight. He has learned a lot from Callum Miles Sensei and I am sure that when he gets his own class that it will be well attended and produce some fabulous students.

Thanks must also go to the students of the Whitefield dojo for their good behaviour during the assessment.

Well done Lee – welcome to the team!”

Well done to Callum Miles Sensei who now has two out of 3 Assistants fully qualified.