Assistant Instructors & Cadet Leaders 2021

Thank you to all of the students who trained on our Cadet Leader and Assistant Instructor classes on Sunday 11th April.

Both classes went very well and students worked very hard indeed. Over 70 of you took part across two separate sessions. This is incredible dedication to our club after all this time out of the dojo. We simply cannot wait to be working alongside you all again very soon!


Here is a full list of our Assistant Instructors and Cadet Leaders for 2021:

Assistant Instructors: 

  • Lydia Palmer
  • Brendan Conyard
  • Niamh Lysaght
  • Zena Clarke
  • Katie Wilson
  • Mark Ellicott
  • Aimee Rothwell
  • Liam Dolan
  • Jane Murison
  • Amy O’Donovan
  • Linda Whipp
  • Mark Jepson
  • Caitlan Moss
  • Helen Cowley
  • Christopher Dempsey
  • Darren Williams
  • Kelly Dawson
  •  Anthony Cristoforo
  • Grace Baron – Standish Acting instructor
  • Isaac Jepson
  • Matthew Affleck
  • Sonja Hoglund

Cadet Leaders: 

  • Jaime Pratley – Darwen
  • Molly Austin Hogsden – Standish
  • Callum Baker – Elton
  • Aaron Jefferson – Haslingden
  • Adam Bennett – Darwen
  • Aemelia Young
  • Alex Bathurst
  • Ava Staton
  • Benjamin Finney – Holcombe Brook Thursday
  • Callula Curtis – Stockton Heath
  • Charlie Eyre
  • Christopher Lysaght – Reddish
  • Clarissa Lyons – Holcombe Brook
  • Connor Goodall
  • Courtney Newsham – Darwen
  • Danika Wood – Darwen
  • Dexter Earley – Reddish
  • Ella-Marie Young
  • Ellen Conyard – Reddish
  • Ellis Pindoria-Stott – Elton
  • Grace Wilson – Handforth
  • Luke Wilson – Handforth
  • Izzy Baron – Handforth
  • Isabella Lawrie
  • Ivy Evans – Stretford
  • Jayden Clarke – Reddish
  • James Sherlock – Handforth
  • Joel Purvis –
  • John Oliver
  • Joseph Corlett
  • Joshua Mangnall
  • Joshua Poynton
  • Josiah Curtis
  • Kai Foley
  • Kyla Bailey
  • Kyle Girault
  • Lauren Dew-Parry
  • Linda Whipp
  • Lola Girault
  • Loui D’Angelo D’Attorre
  •  Maisie Fu
  • Meg Fu
  • Mia Glynn
  • Noah Purvis
  • Oliver Webster
  • Sophie Lever
  • William Cristoforo
  • William Towler
  • Zoe Chaffer



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