Last Cadet Leader & Assistant Instructor Class of 2017

Huge thanks to all the Cadet Leaders and Assistant Instructor who have been such a massive help to us throughout 2017.

You are a big part of our teaching team and over the years this system has produced many fantastic Instructors. Thank you to you all for your help and hard work all year and we hope you enjoyed the last session and liked your medals.

Just a small thank you from us so that you know that we appreciate everything you do. If your child missed the last cadet class and has been helping all year please let your Instructor know and we will arrange to get a medal to you.

We have really enjoyed teaching you throughout the year and we would hope that you have learned a lot from the advanced training you have received.

Our Cadet Leader Selections class will be held on Sunday 28th January 2018. Any existing Cadet Leaders will need to try out again for their position and we will select any new cadet leaders and award them with a badge to be sewn on their left arm.

If your child is interested in becoming a Cadet Leader or you are interested in becoming an Assistant Instructor please have a chat with your Instructor as soon as possible and they will let you know if they are suitable what is involved. Only the most committed students, training twice a week every week will be considered for positions. We are looking for excellent role models and students who want to continue their own development as well as help others to progress.

A couple of newly promoted Instructors will be announced in the new year including Connor Cherry who will be officially taking over the Denton Class at Russell Scott Primary School and Aurelie Girault who will be taking over another existing class. Both have passed through our Assistant Instructor course with flying clours and they will make fantastic additions to our team. Well done to you both!