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Lancaster Grading and Cumbrian Open Results

We have enjoyed another very successful weekend of karate here at Red Tiger. After an action packed week of classes, there was a fantastic grading in Lancaster on Saturday followed by 12 Red Tigers competing at the Cumbrian Open on Sunday. The competition was hugely sucessful for the JKS England Squad who managed to collect a huge 40 medals with 10 of those coming from our students. Well done to all who competed.
All of the students taught by Mike Baron Sensei and Joni Longden Sensei successfully attempted their next grades and they were all very impressive. This is the first time we have had a 100% pass rate in the last 4 gradings so congratulations to both Instructors and their students on a their combined achievement.
All of the students worked extremely hard in the heat and Paul Wolstencroft Sensei was particularly impressed with the combinations, kata and kumite sections.
We should say a big thank you to Mike Baron Sensei and Joni Longden Sensei for preparing their students so well and working hard throughout what turned out to be a very smoothly-run and enjoyable grading. A big thanks also to Callum Miles Sensei and Grace Baron who both gave up their time to help both the Instructors and the students on the day.
There were some outstanding individual performances with students grading from orange belt right up to 1st Kyu. Some of the lower grades including Ellie Laytham, Zoe Asu Fubarra, Alistair Doughty and Riley Wearing worked really hard throughout and were definitely candidates for student of the grading, however it was Lancaster Cadet Leader Eleanor Hewitt who impressed on the day the most and earned the trophy.
Eleanor worked so hard that she was actually sick in the kumite, then without a moments hesitation, came straight back in and carried on sparring. Eleanor showed tremendous courage and spirit throughout the grading and the fact that she was so determined to finish the kumite section after being sick is a monumental step in her karate journey. This girl clearly has what it takes both physically and mentally to progress all the way to Black Belt. Well done.
Eleanor also earned her brown belt on the day as did Tia Taylor. Another wonderful young lady who has a very bright future. Tia gave 100% effort throughout the grading and I have never seen her work so hard. Well done and keep it up.
As I mentioned earlier, the area has 4 new 1st kyu’s. All were very impressive in different ways and equally well deserving.
Jasmine Johnston – What a feisty little firecracker Jasmine is! She was absolute superstar all day and always works hard every time we see her. Jas has improved significantly between 2nd and 1st Kyu and provided some much needed entertainment during the Kata section! There is still room for improvement in her Katas but she is a very determined young girl who will without doubt, do everything she needs to do to get better. Her kumite was superb as always and she is certainly shaping up to be a great little black belt. Well done and keep it up.
Keeley Barton – Keeley put on an outstanding performance to earn her 1st Kyu and at last, we are finally seeing some confidence from this super talented young lady. She is one of the most dedicated students in the area  and this shows through in her high standard, awesome kicks and very tidy Katas. She found the kumite hard and showed great spirit to keep going at the end. Well done missus.
Jenny Freeman – One of the most naturally gifted teenagers in our Club. Jenny has had a lot to contend with recently, including; GCSE exams and losing two great friends Norman and Isaac from the class. Howver, Jenny managed to step up big time. She was right on the end of the line, leading by example and training with confidence that in the past she has sadly lacked. Jenny is a fantastic role model for all the kids and it will be great to see her resume her Instructor training as she is so lovely with the other students and would make an great deputy for Joni Sensei. It is awesome to see someone so talented starting to fulfill their potential and Jenny really is a future Black Belt. Just keep listening to your Instructor and training hard and you will get there very soon!
Derry Phillips –  Derry Phillips is a lovely young lad with really strong karate. He has clearly been trying hard to tidy everything up and pay more attention to detail. Sometimes when a student is concentrating on making everything look right, they can lose the effectiveness of the technique. However, Derry seems to have mastered being able to do both. He is arguably the most improved 1st Kyu’s for this reason. What a fantastic student who has everything it takes to go all the way.
Just a last note on the grading report to to say that we did miss both Norman and Isaac Lewis terribly after they have recently emigrated but we remain always in their company as they are proudly with us on our banner! Good luck to all the Lewis family in your new life down under and make sure you carry on kicking and punching at a new karate club!

39th Annual Cumbrian Open Results

Congratulations to all the JKS England students and Red Tigers who took part in the Cumbrian Open. Considerable improvement is being made each time by our competitors and after Hannah Cain got us off the mark with her Silver Medal at the BKF’s a few weeks ago, the rest of the team followed suit, earning a whopping 10 medals between them!
JKS England won a huge tally of 13 gold medals, 11 silver medals and 16 bronze medals.
Of those, the following were Red Tigers:

  • Grace Baron – Gold for Individual Kata
  • Isabella Baron – Silver for Kickmaster Kumite and Bronze for Individual Kumite
  • Sam Jackson – Silver for Team Kumite
  • Hannah Cain – Silver for Team Kumite
  • Rebecca Cain – Bronze for Team Kumite
  • Joni Longden – Bronze for Team Kata
  • Connor Cherry – Bronze for Team Kata and Bronze for Individual Kumite
  • Regan Duckworth – Bronze for Team Kumite

Congratulations to you all and a big well done to Lori Ann Moran and Molly Austin Hogsden who did brilliantly in the Kata competition and Ashley Walls who is improving in the kumite each time he competes in one of the toughest categories there is.
It is worth mentioning that Grace Baron beat both English and British Champions to win the Kata in a group of 10-12 year old 3rd Kyu to 2nd Dans. If she can do this at 1st Kyu, the future is looking very positive indeed! Inspiration stuff Grace, huge congratulations.
Thanks to the parents and supporters who travelled to Cumbria and enabled their loved one to achieve these fantastic results. Thanks to Mike Baron Sensei. Jonny Walls Sensei and Joni Longden Sensei for their advice, encouragement and support throughout the day.
As always we must thank Matt Price Sensei, Nick Heald Sensei and Ashley Scott Sensei for the opportunity to attend the comp and for their coaching and expert advice on the day.

Bring a Friend Fortnight starts next Monday 22nd June

Last two bits of news, we are running a Bring a friend fortnight beginning on Monday 22nd June – Monday 6th July, so if you have a friend of family member who quite fancies trying karate, this is their chance to do so. Please follow the link for more information:
Bring a Friend Fortnight

Alan Campbell Sensei Open Course: Saturday 11th July

We are hosting a Special Course with Alan Campbell Sensei followed by our Dan Grading on Saturday 11th July. This is a fantastic opportunity to train with JKS Englands Head Instructor. For more informations, venue and costs see the link below:
Alan Campbell Sensei Course