Koji Arimoto Sensei Course

A Special training Course was held on Monday 31st October with Koji Arimoto Sensei – a JKS Kata prodigy and former WKF World Team Kata Champion. He is our current JKS World Kata Champion and is arguably one of the most impressive Karate ka you will ever be lucky enough to see.


Over 90 students and Instructors took part on the courses and I think it is fair to say everyone was just in awe of this inspirational young man.

Arimoto Sensei delivered two excellent courses aimed at developing strength, power and good technique through repetitive kihon training. The second course was more Kata based with Sensei covering Katas – Gankaku and Gojushiho sho.

Sensei demonstrated both Katas in front of all of the students and we were completely blown away by the speed and power generated throughout both Katas. Arimoto Sensei is not only incredibly gifted, he is also an excellent Instructor who pays attention to every last detail to make sure that students are performing each move correctly.

Sensei was also kind and patient enough to have photographs taken with students at the end as well as signing karate uniforms and tickets.

We thoroughly enjoyed training with Arimoto Sensei and would like to thank JKS England for affording us this great opportunity.

We’d also like to thank our friends from JKS Leyland and JKS Preston for supporting our course.

Mike Baron Sensei took the official photos of course 1 and they are now available to download free of charge.

Please follow the link below and type in the password: rtk (all lowercase):