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Kata Tournament Results: 27/2/2016

We would like to congratulate everyone who took part in our Kata Tournament on Saturday 27th February.

The day was a big success so we would like to say a HUGE thank you to everyone involved, students, Instructors, parents & supporters, Laura and Rob at R.G. Event Photography, Helen on the stock and Jessica, Ben and Scott our caterers.

The atmosphere was buzzing all day long, it was wonderful to see students supporting one another, making friends, having a laugh and generally enjoying what turned about to be another great day. It think it is fair to say that the parents enjoyed it just as much as the students did.

There were over 300 medals and 40 trophies up for grabs and we were kept extremely busy with categories all day.

The standard of karate was consistently impressive and there were several superb and inspirational performances. We are proud of each and every person who took part, win lose or draw, you were all brave enough to have a go and that counts for everything.

Every winner was once a beginner and don’t be disheartened if you didn’t win anything first time around. There will plenty more opportunities to gain experience and improve. Keep a positive attitude and keep working hard.

There is a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes, but we have to say that without the hard work and support of our exceptional Instructor team. these events would not be possible.

They are not just your Karate Instructors, they helped to prepare the venue and clean up afterwards. They laid out medals, put up banners and made our Podium (thank you Paul Critchard Sensei). They set up and cleared away the tables and seating. They gave up their free time to work tirelessly all day long, judging events and making difficult decisions sometimes to the detriment of their own students. They shared in your success and did their best to console those who felt devastated. It was a physically and emotionally exhausting day and we appreciate each and every one of you, as do your students.

R.G Event Photography are working hard to process the photographs and I will post a link to their website where you can view all the pictures and purchase directly with them. Their work is fantastic!

Below is a breakdown of results on the day. Well done to all of our winners, enjoy your success as you all deserve it. Remember, it is your job to continue to work hard to stay on top, as there are a whole host of talented Red Tigers that will be coming for you next time!


Ring 1

Event 1:

Time: 10.00am-10.30am

Age: 7 – 10 years

Grades: 9th Kyu Orange Belts

1st Place: Demi McDonagh

2nd Place: Joseph Hughes

Joint 3rd Place: Clara Heim and Maksymillian Soboninsky


Event 2:

Time: 10.30am-11.00am

Age: 7-9 years

Grades: Yellow and Red Belts

1st Place: Abby Fryer

2nd Place: Reuben Jacobs

Joint 3rd Place: Sam Lees and Aaron Jefferson


Event 3:

Time: 11.00am-11.20am

Age: 10-15 years

Grades: Orange, Red, Yellow and Green Belts

1st Place: Gina Farance

2nd Place: Betsy Bullen

Joint 3rd Place: Luke Robertson and Zosia Milejski


Event 4:

Time: 11.20am-11.35am

Age: 9-13 years

Grades: 2nd Kyu

1st Place: James Sherlock

2nd Place: Kyle Girault

Joint 3rd Place: Marcus Chorlton and Archie Eccles


Event 5:

Time: 11.35pm-12.00pm

Age: Adult Males

Grades: Brown Belt to Black Belts

1st Place: Craig Withington

2nd Place: Daryl Brady

Joint 3rd Place: John Dolan and Dean Knox


Event 6:

Time: 12.00pm-12.40pm

Age: 10-12 years

Grades: 4th Kyu-3rd Kyu

1st Place: Molly Austin-Hogsden

2nd Place: Ava Nicholson

Joint 3rd Place: Daniel Hartley and Arrvin Singh-Bhaker


Event 7:

Time: 12.40pm-1.00pm

Age: Adult Females

Grades: 4th Kyu and Below

1st Place: Victoria Forshaw

2nd Place: Julia Riewald

Joint 3rd Place: Louise Hopkinson and Jade Rigby


Event 8: Junro Kata – Adults Open

Time: 1.00pm-1.15pm

Age: Adult Open

Grades: All

1st Place: Jonathan Longden

2nd Place: Callum Miles

Joint 3rd Place: Emma Ginn and Connor Cherry


Event 9: Adult Team Kata – Any Kata

Time: 1.15pm-1.30pm

Age: Adults

Grades: All

1st Place: Charlotte Jackson, Connor Cherry and Bradley Bowker

2nd Place: John O Donovan, Lee Rylance and John Dolan

3rd Place: Helen Finney, Louise Hopkinson and Jackie Hall


Event 10: Adult Pairs Kata – Any Kata

Time: 1.30pm-2pm

Age: Adults

Grades: All

1st Place: Joni Longden and Callum Miles

2nd Place: Connor Cherry and Charlotte Jackson

3rd Place: Emma Ginn & Daryl Brady and Zlatko Popovski and Su Matthews


Event 11: Junior Team Kata – Heain Godan and Below

Time: 2.30pm-3.00pm

Age: Juniors

Grades: All

1st Place: Ellis Pindoria-Stott, Zak Thomas Blackhurst and Isabella Baron

2nd Place: Kyle Girault, Molly Austin-Hogsden and John Riley

Joint 3rd Place: Ethan Kirk, Jacob Kirk and Alex Gallacher and Amy O’ Donovan, Sophie Withington and Ella Rylance.


Ring 2

Event 1:

Time: 10.00am-10.30am

Age: 5-6 years

Grades: White, Orange Belts, Red Belts and Yellow Belts

1st Place: Emily Knox

2nd Place: Scarlett Norman

Joint 3rd Place: Ashton Nabb and Katy Lees


Event 2:

Time: 10.30am-11.00am

Age: 8 years

Grades: Green and Purple Belts

1st Place: Alex Gallacher

2nd Place: Corey Stevens

Joint 3rd Place: Sonny Millington and Jayden Popovski


Event 3:

Time: 11.00am-11.25am

Age: 9-12 years

Grades: Purple Belts

1st Place: Xander Matanle

2nd Place: Jonathan Seaton

Joint 3rd Place: Scarlett Halliday and Priya Bradley


Event 4:

Time: 11.25am-11.35am

Age: 11 years

Grades: Black Belts

1st Place: Adam Karabedian

2nd Place: Abby Fielding

3rd Place: Sophie Withington


Event 5:

Time: 11.35am-11.45am

Age: 13-15 years

Grades: Female Black Belts

1st Place: Lori-Ann Moran

2nd Place: Emily Withington

Joint 3rd Place: Olivia Levell and Amelia Karabedian


Event 6: Junro Kata Advanced Juniors                       

Time: 11.45am-12.00pm

Age: Juniors

Grades: Black Belts

1st Place: Lori-Ann Moran

2nd Place: Louis Johnson

Joint 3rd Place: Sam Jackson and Abby Fielding


Event 7:

Time: 12.00pm-12.25pm

Age: Adult Females

Grades: Brown Belts to Black Belts

1st Place: Charlotte Jackson

2nd Place: Jo Sysum

Joint 3rd Place: Su Matthews and Catherine Johnson


Event 8:

Time: 12.25pm-12.35pm

Age: 12 years

Grades: Black Belts

1st Place: Grace Baron

2nd Place: Louis Johnson

Joint 3rd Place: Annalea Tipton and Danny Silverwood


Event 9:

Time: 12.35pm-1pm

Age: 8-9 years

Grades: 4th Kyu to 3rd Kyu Boys

1st Place: Zak Thomas-Blackhurst

2nd Place: Jaime Pratley

Joint 3rd Place: Ellis Pindoria-Stott and John Riley


Event 10:

Time: 1.00pm-1.10pm

Age: Adult

Grades: Instructors

1st Place: Jonathan Longden

2nd Place: Callum Miles

3rd Place: Emma Ginn


Event 11: Senior Grades Sibling Kata

Time: 1.10pm-1.30pm

Age: Juniors

1st Place: Sam and Charlotte Jackson

2nd Place: Annalea and Georgia Tipton

Joint 3rd Place: Grace and Isabella Baron and Amelia and Adam Karabedian


Event 12: Senior Grades Pairs Kata

Time: 2.00pm-2.30pm

Age: Juniors

1st Place: Sam Jackson and Grace Baron

2nd Place: Lori-Ann Moran and Emily Withington

Joint 3rd Place: Lewis Thomas and Olivia Levell and Louis Standring and Bradley Bowker


Event 13: Senior Grades Team Kata

Time: 2.30pm-3.00pm

Age: Juniors

1st Place: Sam Jackson, Lori-Ann Moran and Grace Baron

2nd Place: Georgia Tipton, Annalea Tipton and Abby Fielding

Joint 3rd Place: Matthew Affleck, Louis Johnson and Danny Silverwood and Keeley Barton, Matthew Sheard and Jasmine Johnstone


Event 14: Family Kata – Heian Godan and Below

Time: 3pm-3.30pm

1st Place: Aurelie, Lola and Kyle Girault

2nd Place: Ella and Lee Rylance

Joint 3rd Place: John, Amy and Lilly O’ Donovan and Dean, Joseph and Emily Knox


Event 15: Family Kata Tekki Shodan and above

Time: 3.30-4.00pm

1st Place: Mike, Grace and Isabella Baron

2nd Place: Louis Johnson and Catherine Johnson

Joint 3rd Place: Craig and Emily Withington and Joe and Helen Finney


Ring 3


Event 1:

Time: 10.00am-10.30am

Age: 9-12 years

Grades: Yellow Belts

1st Place: Adam Paksy

2nd Place: Amy O’ Donovan

Joint 3rd Place: Tom Healey and Lexie Buckley


Event 2:


Time: 10.30am-10.50am

Age: 6-7 years

Grades: Green Belts, Purple Belts and Purple and White Belts

1st Place: Noah Vernon

2nd Place: Megan Dale

Joint 3rd Place: Lukas Riewald-Pilling and Freyja Lundin


Event 3:

Time: 10.50am-11.15am

Age: 10 years

Grades: Purple and White Belts Belts

1st Place: Adam Bennett

2nd Place: Rosie Morriss

Joint 3rd Place: Kevin Longthorne and Harrison Nabb


Event 4:

Time: 11.15am-11.35am

Age: 10-12 years

Grades: 1st Kyu Boys

1st Place: Matthew Affleck

2nd Place: Joshua Knox

Joint 3rd Place: Matthew Sheard and Jonty Johnson


Event 5:

Time: 11.35am-11.50am

Age: 15-16 years

Grades: Black Belts

1st Place: Connor Cherry

2nd Place: Bradley Bowker

Joint 3rd Place: Greg and Phill Burton


Event 6:

Time: 11.50pm-12.20pm

Age: 11-12 years

Grades: 1st Kyu and 2nd Kyu Girls

1st Place: Georgie Dyal

2nd Place: Mia Dickerson

Joint 3rd Place: Keeley Barton and Jasmine Johnston


Event 7:

Time: 12.20pm-12.50pm

Age: Adult Males

Grades: Purple and White Belts and Below

1st Place: Pete Stansfield

2nd Place: Will Perrin

Joint 3rd Place: John O’ Donovan and Lee Rylance


Event 8:

Time: 12.50pm-1.15pm

Age: 7-9 years

Grades: Purple and White Belts and Brown Belts Girls

1st Place: Izzy Baron

2nd Place: Holly Dale

Joint 3rd Place: Lola Girault and Ella Rylance


Event 9:

Time: 1.15pm-1.30pm

Age: 14 years

Grades: Male Black Belts

1st Place: Sam Jackson

2nd Place: Lewis Thomas

Joint 3rd Place: Louis Standring


Event 10: Junro Kata – Brown Belts Open

Time: 1.30pm-1.50pm

Age: Juniors

Grades: Brown Belts, 2nd Kyu and 1st Kyu

1st Place: Matthew Affleck

2nd Place: Molly Austin-Hogsden

Joint 3rd Place: Jasmine Johnston and Jaime Pratley


Event 11: Siblings Kata Junior Grades

Time: 1.50pm-2.30pm

Age: Juniors

Grades: All – Heian Godan and below

1st Place: Kyle and Lola Girault

2nd Place: Megan and Holly Dale

Joint 3rd Place: Ethan and Jacob Kirk and Betty and Archie Eccles


Event 12: Pairs Kata Junior Grades

Time: 2.30pm-3.00pm

Age: Juniors

Grades: All – Tekki Shodan and below

Pairs Kata

1st Place: Rosie Morriss and Daniel Hartley

2nd Place: Ellis Pindoria-Stott and Marcus Chorlton

Joint 3rd Place: Molly Austin-Hogsden and John Riley and Adam Paksy and Luke Robertson


We hope you all had a fantastic day, any and all feedback is appreciated good or bad. If you have any suggestions for improvement please discuss them with your Sensei.

We have a Kumite Competition scheduled for later in the year, so get practising for the next one!