John Dolan passes his Assistant Instructor Exam – Well done!

More good news on the Assistant Instructor front – John Dolan who assists Nicola Holland Sensei in her classes has successfully passed the Assistant Instructor Assessment at his very first attempt and with just an afternoons notice!
He was calm, confident and scored highly in all areas. John trains alongside his family – wife Helen and their two boys Liam and Thomas and has very impressive karate. He is a dedicated Assisant and trains hard at combined classes and assistant Instructor training.
We are delighted to be welcoming John to our rapidly expanding team and we are certain that he will continue to pass on his high level karate and continue to benefit from further teaching experience, before hopefully leading his own class in the future.
John is most certainly lead Instructor material and with the support of his family, Nicola Holland Sensei and the rest of our team, he will make a fantastic Sensei.
John Dolan - Assistant Instructor
Paul Wolstencroft Sensei who conducted the examination made the following comments:
“We should begin by applauding John for agreeing to do his assessment at such short notice. Not many people would have the confidence to that, so hats off to you. John’s class ran smoothly from start to finish. He ticked all the boxes and came across as being very knowledgeable, especially when he was making teaching points and offering correction.
John stuck to his thorough class plan and made good use of all the help he had on offer. He is a natural leader and teaches with confidence, showing great attention to detail. Overall, John ran an excellent class and was impressive throughout his assessment. Well done.”
Big thanks to the Darwen class for working hard for John and making his job that little bit easier. The Darwen class are a wonderful bunch who support one another and genuinely want to see each other succeed. They show true Red Tiger spirit and are more of a community (including the parents) than just a class who meet a couple of teams a week. They care about each other and their Class Instructor Nicola Sensei.
Congratulations also must go to Nicola Holland Sensei who is turning into a real expert at converting trainee’s into high quality Assistant Instructors. After a very difficult week, we are pleased to have been able to deliver her some good news and high praise. We all appreciate the extra time and care that you put into your students and your Instructor team over in Darwen and all of your other classes. Such achievements could not be made without your tireless effort and enthusiasm, patient guidance and unwavering support.