Jo Sysum Passes Assistant Instructor Examination: 4-4-2016

Congratulations to Jo Sysum who trains at our Darwen Dojos and assists at the Oswaldtwistle dojo for passing her Assistant Instructor assessment at her very first attempt.

UTW_SEPT_2015_ 8

We have heard and seen nothing but great things from this lovely lady and we are delighted that she has passed her assessment and will hopefully join the ranks and become an Instructor in her own class sometime soon.

Big thanks to Mike Beckwith Sensei who took the time out to go and conduct the assessment and once again a big well done to Nicola Holland Sensei who is just an awesome Instructor producing machine!!!!

Mike Beckwith Sensei made the following comments:

“I went over to the Darwen Dojo this evening to assess Jo for Assistant Instructor.”

“She was super organised with a detailed, timed and typed up class plan, however, for someone who is a natural karateka, and an excellent Sempai for Sensei Nicola Holland, she was incredibly nervous!”

“Her class plan had a theme in which she wanted all the students to get a better understanding of how to use their hips and how it will enhance their all round karate.”

“Despite her nerves, she soon got into the flow of things during the first section, and her sense of humour started to come through as she relaxed into teaching.”

“She scored highly in EVERY section, demonstrating clearly to the class, and correcting students as she went along.  She made excellent use of her cadets at the front of the class especially during the kicks.  Jo had a fantastic understanding of the terminology required and used it correctly and continually throughout the class.”

“Jo delivered an especially good combinations section, in which she catered for both the higher and lower grades simultaneously by using different combinations for different grades. I’m not sure if you can get extra marks for making the assessor laugh, but if you could, Jo would have gained some extra marks a few times with her observations.”

“She had fun with the students, but still maintained a well disciplined class, and thanks should go to the Darwen students for their help with this.”

“Thanks should also go to Sensei Nicola Holland for all the hard work she has put in to helping Jo develop, and she has produced yet another excellent Sempai and Assistant Instructor.”

“I don’t think it will be too long until Jo gets a class of her own, and when she does I can see some top students being produced from it!”

2016 is fast becoming the year of transition as lots of Assistants who completed the course last year or earlier this year are being given the opportunity to teach their own classes. Dean Knox, Catherine Johnson, John Dolan, Lee Edwards and Rob Head have all made the big leap out of their comfort zone and have started teaching their very own students. They are all doing brilliantly and we couldn’t be happier with our rapidly expanding fantastic Instructor team. Steve Tipton Sensei is soon to follow with his new class starting in the next few weeks. We also have assessments “looming” for Sempai Bernadette Burton, Sempai Simon Mattinson and Sempai John Davies so more good news should follow shortly!

If you are interested in becoming an Assistant Instructor a Cadet Leader in one of our new classes, we have some fantastic opportunities available. Please speak to your Instructor who can let you know where there is vacancies and what is involved.