JKS Kids Comp Results, Quiz Results, UTW & Grading Weekend

There is so much good news to tell you about this week. March is usually a very busy month for us and is also proving to be a very successful one. Below you will find the results of our Clubwide quiz, Ultimate Training Weekend news, results from our competitors who took part in the JKS Kids Comp in Nottingham and and lastly information on this weekend events including South Manchester grading, Cadet and Assistant Instructor training and North Manchester grading.

Clubwide Quiz Results: 

Thank you to all the students who took part in our Clubwide quiz, we had hundreds of entries and over 40 students answered all of the questions correctly.
Congratulations to the following students who were randomly drawn out at Senior Class:
1st Place – Sophie Withington who wins a white diamond heavyweight karate uniform
2nd Place – Brendan Conyard who wins a silver tournament heavyweight karate uniform
3rd Place – Samuel Goody who wins an embroidered club rucksack
A big well done to everyone who took part. For those of you would would like to see the right answers, follow the links below to download the orginial quiz and the answers. Please remember this information because the Japanese terminology will become more and more useful the further along you progress.
Red Tiger Karate Club Quiz 2015
Red Tiger Karate Club Quiz Answers

JKS Kids Competition in Nottingham Results

A small team of Red Tigers who were ready to take on the challenge of the JKS Kids Competition exceeded all expectations this past weekend by taking away a fair few medals! We were so incredibly proud of the whole team for taking part, they showed outstanding bravery just for getting in there and having a go. They all gave it their very best and showed great sportsmanship by accepting all decisions made by the officials.
It was a thoroughly enjoyable event where the atmosphere was competitive but friendly at the same time. The JKS officiating team were fantastic with all of the children that took part, many of whom were competing for the first ever time including our very own super orange belt – Faris Alwan.
This event showed us that we really have joined the very best association that fits us perfectly. JKS England offers us brilliant karate opportunities, strong leadership, organised and professionally-run events, enthusiastic students & fellow Instructors and most importantly – everybody is friendly and welcoming.
Children from our team competed valiantly against children from other clubs and once they came off the mat, they were all friends. That is what it’s all about.
Congratulations to the following Red Tigers who took part: Bradley Bowker, Louis Johnson, Matthew Affleck, Ellis Pindoria-Stott, Zak Thomas-Blackhurst, Kyle Girault, Faris Alwan, Izzy Baron and Molly Austin-Hogsden. We are so proud of you all and always remember; you never really lose, you either win – or you learn. Tournaments can be emotionally draining as well as physically draining and some of our children did experience disappointment. This can only make you stronger in the future and will always make winning feel that much sweeter!

Medal Winners:

Matthew Affleck – Grand Champion: Gold for both Kata and Kumite
Molly Austin-Hogsden – Gold for Kumite
Kyle Girault – Bronze for Kumite
Ellis Pindoria-Stott – Silver for Kumite 
Izzy Baron – Bronze for Team Kumite 
Faris Alwan – Bronze for Kumite
If you would like to see some of the medal winning performances, you can request to join our facebook group: Red Tiger Karate as some of the parents have put on the videos. We should say a big thank you to the parents who travelled all the way to Nottingham and gave up their weekend to allow their children this opportunity. Thanks also to Nichola Rose Sensei and Nicola Holland Sensei for helping to officiate and also to Mike Baron Sensei, Joni Longden Sensei, Paul Wolstencroft Sensei & Callum Miles Sensei for supporting and encouraging the students.

Caravan Payments for the Ultimate Training Weekend

By now we should have received all caravan payments in full. The cut off point was last Friday 13th March. There are a number of people who have booked their place and paid the deposit but not yet paid the remainder of the caravan. Please can you do this as soon as possible. If you are having difficulties paying or you need any information regarding which caravan you have booked and how to pay please contact us and we will try to help you as much as possible.

This Weekends Events

This Saturday 21st March is our South Manchester Grading due to be held in Reddish from 1.00pm-3.30pm
See below for more info.
This Sunday 22nd March is Cadet Leader and Assistant Instructor Training at Matthew Moss High School in Rochdale from 11am-12.30pm. This class is FREE OF CHARGE. Please take advantage of this advanced training as it is one of the very best classes on our timetable. Assistant Instructors will continue to develop their teaching skills and Cadet Leaders will be working on Tournament Style Kata and Kumite drills for our upcoming tournament in April.
The North Manchester and Lancashire grading will immediately follow Cadet and Assistant Instructor Class at the same venue from 1pm-3.30pm.
Good luck to all the students that have been put forward by their Instructor for either grading this weekend. Remember to check that your license is valid and bring it with you on the day. You will also need your mitts and pads if you are grading to 8th Kyu Red belt or above. Please arrive early so that you can register and warm up. You must be wearing a clean and ironed karate uniform with our Club Badge sewn on the left hand side of your chest. For full details including the venue address please click here………