World Championship Results

JKS International Cup results: JKS England finish in 2nd Place and medals-a-plenty for Red Tigers!


We are so delighted to announce that the JKS England Team put in an absolutely phenomenal performance against the rest of the world at the JKS International Cup in Dublin.

The event saw over 1000 competitors from 30 member countries battling it out for the fantastic medals. Congratulations to JKS Ireland who put on a superbly organised and smoothly-run event.

JKS England coaches Matt Price Sensei, Nick Heald Sensei and Ashley Scott-Heald Sensei fielded a very strong team and were on hand to guide the competitors through to victory and celebrate those unforgettable winning moments. We cannot thank you enough for the opportunity, your hard work and for sharing your expertise over the last two days. Great job.


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Needless to say the England squad members did their country and their clubs proud and once again finished up in a very respectable 2nd place. There was just one gold medal standing between JKS England and the number one spot and there’s no prizes for guessing which country came first.

The inimitable, the mighty, the breathtaking, the awe-inspiring, the sublime……JKS Japan. You may hear us go on and on about how good the Japanese are at the Hombu but some of the videos coming out of their performances just have your jaw hitting the floor. They just get better and better and better. Aren’t we lucky to have such inspirational leadership?

After a look back at the previous 4 years of International results, we are getting closer and closer which just goes to show how hard the JKS England Squad members work. Not just for the International comps, but day after day, night after night, week after week.

Many of their weekends are taken up with either training at Squad sessions or getting out there on the tatami at various competitions around the country. Gaining experience, learning, improving, getting fitter, faster, stronger and for many, this tenacity and pure hard work has just paid off in style. Now they can return home to their Clubs with a hard earned and well deserved – World Champion Medal or two, or three or four in some cases.

The final medal tally for JKS England stood at a whopping 28 medals comprising of 15 Gold, 8 Silver and 5 Bronze.

Do we have any medals travelling back to Red Tiger I hear you say?

The answer is YES!

Those who have kept up on our facebook news page will already know that our super seven did extraordinarily well and we are so proud of them all!

By all accounts, they had a fantastic experience and medal or no medal, they’ve enjoyed themselves and will forever be able to say, I’ve competed with the best in the world. Takes some guts to do that. Hats of to each and every one of you.

Here are some of our superstars looking like they’ve had the time of their life!

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Molly, Grace and Abby – World Team Kata Champions

Louis Johnson – World Individual Kata Champion and Team Kata Champion 

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Molly Austin-Hogsden – World Individual Kumite Champion and Team Kata Champion

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Lori-Ann Moran World Individual Kumite Silver Medallist

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The girls with the BOSS – Kagawa Shihan

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The girls and boys with the BOSS Jnr – Hideoshi Kagawa Sensei and Izzy catching him on his way home to celebrate!

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Ellis and his teammates from Walsall Karate – World Team Kata/ Team Kumite Champions and a Bronze in Individual Kata

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Ellis and Ladies from the Japanese Team 

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Abby, Lori-Ann, Louis and Ellis with JKS England’s Number 1 cute as a button fan Evaniya! 

The champs on the podium!

Amazing Grace with her hard earned bronze medal in a mahooooosive category! 

Team Baron – looking happy! 

Ellis and Izzy bringing out the England sign! A job for the cutie pies!  


Our team are bringing home 8 Gold medals (officially counted as 5), 2 Bronze medals and a Silver medal.

Day 1 Results: 

Grace, Molly and Abby – Gold in Team Kata
Ellis Pindoria-Stott – Bronze in Individual Kata and Gold in Team Kata with the Walsall boys and Gold in Team Kumite
Louis Johnson – Gold in Team Kata with Louis Powell and Cameron Panday!
Izzy Pocket Rocket Baron was so unlucky in that she came up against the eventual winner in her very first round! So annoying when that happens but unfortunately it does. She had a great experience and remains our brightest little star, our champ, our Student of the Year 2018 and the sassiest 11 year old diva I know.


Day 2 Results: 

Grace Baron – Bronze for Individual Kata
Louis Johnson – Gold for Individual Kata
Lori-Ann Moran – Silver for Individual Kumite
Molly Austin-Hogsden – Gold for Individual Kumite

We should say a big well done to Paul Wolstencroft Sensei and Mike Baron Sensei who have been training our superstars and preparing them for this event since the squad was announced. Your hard work, patience and expertise can only be admired and your results speak for themselves. Remember, your coach is not your friend, your coaches’ job is to get the best out of you. And Mike Sensei and Paul Sensei are clearly doing something right.

Safe journey back everyone, we cannot wait to see you all with your medals, please bring them to class! I want to see them!!!!!!!!

Huge thanks to all the parents and supporters who enabled our Squad members to take part in this event and helped to get them suited and booted! They all looked great. Your contribution is acknowledged and greatly appreciated.

Well done everyone!!!!!!! Same again next time…….. Yes please!