JKS England Squad Selections

We are pleased to announce that the following Red Tigers earned their places on the JKS England Squad at their very first attempt:

  • Hannah Cain – Senior Kumite
  • Sensei Joni Longden – Senior Kumite & Senior Kata
  • Sensei Dean Ramsden – Senior Kumite
  • Regan Duckworth – Senior Kumite
  • Lori Ann Moran – Junior Kumite 
  • Rebecca Cain – Junior Kumite 
  • Connor Cherry – Junior Kumite 
  • Ashley Walls – Junior Kumite 
  • Grace Baron – Junior Kumite and Junior Kata
  • Sam Jackson – Junior Kumite & Junior Kata
  • Emily Withington – Junior Kumite & Junior Kata

Selections took place at the Leeds Karate Academy with Matt Price Sensei and Nick Heald Sensei and the students were put to test in every sense. The sessions were physically and emotionally draining and students trying out for the first time were tested by both Instructors and the rest of this highly successful squad including National and European Champions. If you are counting your bruises today, you had better get used to it!
This was a big eye-opener for our students as it really is a massive step up from a regional level. It is hoped that you take inspiration from the rest of the squad and will learn from everything they do,
Congratulations to you all, you have the whole Club behind you and we are all extremely proud of you all already. We are looking forward to seeing you all develop your skills with National Squad Coaches Matt Price Sensei and Nick Heald Sensei as you are in very capable hands.
The hard work starts now, we know you will not waste this incredible opportunity!
Thanks to the parents who gave their time up on the day and provide them with continuous and unwavering support. They really could not achieve this without you.