JKS England National Championship Results

The annual JKS England National Championships were held at the Wildcats Arena in Nottingham on Sunday 1st November. It was a fantastic day with a whole host of world-class competitors on the tatami. We saw some inspirational performances throughout the day and the sportsmanship shown by the vast majority of competitors was spot-on. The organisation was superb and we would like to thank Alan Campbell Sensei, Wendy Preston Sensei, Geoff Dixon Sensei and all of the officials for making it all happen and run so smoothly.
19 Red Tigers were brave enough to travel to Nottingham and put themselves out on the mat. Congratulations to the following students who did the very best they could and represented our Club brilliantly:
Izzy Baron, Zak Thomas-Blackhurst, Ellis Pindoria-Stott, Molly Austin-Hogsden, Matthew Affleck, Louis Johnson, Grace Baron, Lori-Ann Moran, Sam Jackson, Becky Cain, Hannah Cain, Connor Cherry, David Robertson Sensei, Ron Matthews, Su Matthews, James Sherlock, Benjamin Duckworth, Matthew Affleck and Bradley Bowker.
Our team stuck together all day, practiced together and supported one another, congratulated and commiserated one another and we couldn’t be prouder of ALL our competitors. Their spirit, conduct and effort on the day was second to none. We should say a big thanks to the parents and supporters who gave up their Sunday to cheer on their loved ones.
This was our very first time entering the JKS England Nationals and our team exceeded all expectations. We encouraged students to enter to see for themselves just how high the standard is at this competition and also to learn from other more experienced competitors.
What actually happened was – we won a lot of medals! Below is a list of Red Tigers who earned medals in their categories:
Izzy Baron won a bronze medal in the Pee-Wee team kata, a fantastic performance with Zak and Ellis and the little ones were our first medals of the day!
Zak Thomas-Blackhurst won a bronze medal in Pee-Wee team kata and a Gold medal in individual kata. He also reached the quarter finals in a huge kumite group.
Ellis Pindoria-Stott won a bronze medal in Pee-Wee team kata and a Silver medal in individual kata.
Molly Austin-Hogsden won a Silver medal in her individual kata and a Bronze medal in individual kumite.
Louis Johnson won a Gold medal in individual kata beating a grand total of 44 competitors – an outstanding result.
Grace Baron won a Silver medal in indivudual kata and we are delighted to report that she has won her very first kumite medal; earning Bronze in individual kumite.
Rebecca Cain won a bronze medal in female team kumite –  much improved and more confident Becky we are so pleased that her hard work throughout the year has been rewarded at last.
Hannah Cain had a rather frustrating day but still managed to win a bronze medal in female team kumite. Hannah is a great competitor and is very determined to come back stronger than ever at her next comp!
Connor Cherry won a bronze medal in male team kumite – another good performance from Connor after a frustrating day of tough draws.
David Robertson Sensei won a Gold medal in individual kata, a silver medal in individual kumite and a bronze medal in male team kumite. Fantastic results for his first external competition.
Ron Matthews won a silver medal in individual kumite and a bronze medal in male team kumite. Ron was very disappointed to not bag a Gold medal but should be very happy with his performances at his first external competition. Ron is even more determined to win a Gold medal next time around……
Su Matthews won a silver medal in individual kumite and a bronze medal in female team kumite – she was extremely brave attempting to take on the European female kumite champion – Ashley Scott. She didn’t win this round, but she gave it a good go and we were chuffed with her spirited performance.
Our final medal tally stood at 20 medals comprising of: 11 bronze, 6 Silver and 3 Gold.
Congratulations to you all. Wear your medals with pride and remember – you are only champion for the day. The next day you should be back in the dojo working harder than ever and continuing to set a great example to others.
Lastly, we should say a big thanks to Paul Critchard Sensei, Teresa Withington Sensei, Nichola Rose Sensei, Joni Longden Sensei and Paul Wolstencroft Sensei for officiating all day long. Judging and refereeing is hard work and a thankless task – especially when the results don’t always go the way people want, but you all did a great job.
Thanks also to Mike Baron Sensei who coached and supported our competitors throughout the day. Mike Baron Sensei has attended all competitions this year picking up valuable experience and offers some great advice to our competitors, he is a brilliant and supportive coach encouraging our students to fight hard and conduct themselves in the right way. Top man and thank you.