JKS England National Championship Results – Sunday 17th November 2019

Our squad had such a brilliant day at the JKS England Nationals. They have all been working very hard to prepare for our Associations main event in the hope that they may be able to become National Champions.

We are delighted to announce that they successfully secured a huge haul of medals and did everybody in the Club proud. We are not only proud of your awesome karate, but we are proud of the way you all conduct yourselves throughout the day. No complaining, no sore losers, just quality performances that were left out there on the tatami’s.

We could not have imagined such an amazing set of results, so the team are being given a hard earned and well deserved night off, to nurse their bruises, look back on the things that went right and what could have been better and enjoy their success with their families. There were even two categories where we took everything – Gold, Silver and Bronze. Just phenomenal, usually at squad class, I can’t decide who is more grumpy, Mike Baron Sensei or Paul Wolstencroft Sensei? But yesterday your coaches couldn’t be more pleased or proud of you!

As another relentless busy year of competing comes to a close, what a way to end it. Plenty of national champions, plenty of improved placings and everyone’s performances were much improved since 2018. I can’t say enough positive things about you all.

Before I go into the full results, there’s a few of important thank you’s to be said. Mike Baron Sensei, Rob Head Sensei and Paul W Sensei – thank you for coaching the team week in week out. Giving up your time to motivate and inspire our team can be such a thankless task, but you should be very happy with how your team repaid you today. Mike Sensei also travels to all the competitions/training sessions and gives his advice and support to all our squad members. He reports back on how you did and what can be done to make you all better. Your contribution can be often overlooked, but is absolutely invaluable and very much appreciated.

Julie Moran – thank you for giving up your time to sign in the squad, manage the competition entries and basically do everything on the admin side. Without everything you do, things would be a million times harder. Your hard work, diligence and constant encouragement is appreciated by all. We all know nothing gets past Julie!!!! Damn right!!!!!

The squad parents – thank you for being supportive in every way. We are very lucky to have you. Driving your kids to sessions, comps and squad training, being there when your kids need a kick up the backside, a congratulations or a consoling hug from Mum or Dad. Paying for everything, sitting there bored out of your brain when I’m sure there are a million other things you could be doing. The burden of being a karate squad parent is great, but you are all amazing and we salute you and urge you to keep doing it, for the memories and unforgettable experiences like yesterday.

Matt Price Sensei – thank you for your monthly visitis to squad. They have improved so much and you’ve played a massive part of that. We are forever grateful.

Gary Pratley, Aurelie Girault and Paul W Sensei who judged and reffed on the day. Making tough calls and going against your club’s students can be so difficult, but learning what the ref’s and judges are looking for plays a big part in the future success of our squad. For all your hard work at the event – we thank you.

To JKS England – thank you for putting on another well organised and professional National Championships. We really enjoyed the experience and have learned a great deal for the senior officials and top level competitors that meet at this event.

I think I’m all out of thank you’s now but if I’ve forgotten anyone I’m sorry!

Sixteen of the very best Red Tigers attended to represent our Club:

Lola Girault, Lola Fellone, Izzy Baron, Gina Farrance, Abby Fielding, Georgie Dyal, Molly Austin-Hogsden, Grace Baron, Lori-Ann Moran, Ellis Pindoria-Stott, Jaime Pratley, Kyle Girault, Matthew Affleck, Louis Johnson, Callum Miles and Lewis Thomas.

The biggest thank you must got to you lot for your energy, enthusiasm and doing us all PROUD!

Between them they won a whopping 40 medals consisting of: 18 Gold, 8 Silver and 14 Bronze. That’s 12 more than last year out of a squad that was half the size.

Bronze in Team kumite 11-13 years

Izzy Baron, Lola Girault, Lola Fellone

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Gold and Bronze in Team Kumite 14-17 Years
Gold: Grace Baron, Lori-Ann Moran, Molly Austin-Hogsden
Bronze: Abby Fielding, Gina Farrance, Georgie Dyal

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Female Kumite 16-17 years
Lori- Ann Moran – Gold
Grace Baron – Silver

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Team Kata 16+
Gold – Louis Johnson, Grace Baron, Lori-Ann Moran

Louis Johnson also came 3rd Male in Individual Kata progressing through the rounds, going out to the winner then coming back in repercharge. This is a fantastic result well done.

Grace Baron claimed the top spot in Ladies Individual Kata, GOLD (at just 16 years old) an extraordinary achievement and her Kankudai was my favourite Kata of the day. Amazing. This is also the 2nd year in a row and the 3rd out of 4 that Grace has been the National champ!

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Individual Kata 14-15 years CLEAN SWEEP 1
Gold – Molly Austin Hogsden (that’s 3 times in 4 years –  Wow)
Silver – Georgie Dyal
Bronze – Abby Fielding
Bronze – Gina Farrance

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Team Kumite and Team Kata – 11-13 years
Gold in Kumite and Bronze in Kata for Kyle Girault, Ellis Pindoria-Stott and Jamie Pratley

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Individual Kata 11-13 years CLEAN SWEEP 2
Gold – Ellis Pindoria-Stott,  Silver – Jaime Pratley and Bronze – Kyle Girault

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Individual Kata – 11-13 Years
Silver for Izzy Baron
Bronze for Lola Girault

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Team Kata 12-15 Years
Silver – Georgie Dyal, Matthew Affleck, Molly Austin-Hogsden

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Adult Male Team Kumite

Very hard earned Silver Medals for Lewis Thomas and Callum Miles – both were very brave indeed!

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