JKS England Course with Shinji Nagaki Sensei 5th Dan


What an amazing treat we had last Friday evening!

JKS Hombu Dojo Instructor and Former WKF Kumite Champion Shinji Nagaki Sensei 5th Dan visited us here in Manchester to teach the final leg of his JKS England tour.

Sensei has taught at a number of different JKS dojo’s this week and I am certain everyone who has been lucky enough to train with him has been completely blown away by his ever-impressive speed, agility, technique and warm & friendly teaching style.

His karate speaks for itself, I think all who trained left the dojo feeling utterly inspired by this World Class Instructor. It was easy to see why almost 130 people came to train with a true master of the art.

Nagaki Sensei spent much of the early class working on the improvement of basic technique. He taught several drills all in zenkutsodachi working our basic strikes and blocking techniques. We concentrated on correct hip position and movement and correct footwork. Sensei trained alongside us and provided some outstanding demonstrations.

We then worked on kokusodachi and meageris. Beginning with one maegeri, then doubling up, then doing triple maegeri, thankfully stopping shortly before our legs fell off.

We then worked through Kata Heian Shodan and Heian Nidan. The time just flew by but I am sure that everyone who trained came away with plenty to practise the next time they train.

We then started the second course and after a thorough warm up by Grace Baron, straight away Nagaki Sensei said those words everyone wants to hear when you are training with a WKF World Kumite Champion…….. “get your mitts on” YES PLEASE!

Sensei then took us through several kumite drills which we all attempted with plenty of enthusiasm, but we just didn’t have quite the same level of extraordinary skill as Nagaki Sensei did when he demonstrated what to do! His kicks and timing truly are the best you will ever see.

Sensei then taught one of the most difficult Dan Grade Katas there is – Sochin.

It is almost unthinkable that Nagaki Sensei’s Kata could be as impressive as his kumite, but it absolutely was.

His karate looks effortless, he glides across the dojo like water. He is so relaxed, yet so powerful. From 1-100 in a split second. Every technique was perfectly placed and timed to perfection. All we could do was watch in awe.

He took us through a number of drills to improve both our sochin dachi and our yokogeri’s. Again, we tried, but found we have plenty of room for improvement!

Time again seemed to pass by like lightning and it was soon time to finish.

We thanked Nagaiki Sensei for an unforgettable evening of karate and also thanked all who took part including our visitors from other JKS Club and nearby Shotokan Clubs. Without the support of those taking part and the parents who travelled to the event after a long week at work, we wouldn’t be able to offer you all such wonderful experiences. For those who had never trained with him before, I am certain he has made many new fans. For those who had trained with him before, I’m sure we all love him just a little bit more!

Nagaki Sensei was an absolute pleasure to spend time with. He is so polite and humble and was more than happy to pose for photographs and sign uniforms.


Thanks to Alan Campbell Sensei and Wendy Sensei for the opportunity to host Nagaki Sensei. It is greatly appreciated.

Thanks to Paul Towler for taking the fantastic photographs, here is a link to the fab images taken on the night:

LINK: https://kickandflick.smugmug.com/JKS-Shinji-Nagaki-Sensei-Course/n-DhCkZL/

PASSWORD: bolton19