January – July 2016 Club Calendar

Paper leaflets of our 2016 club calendar will be available to collect at classes next week. For those who would like to download a copy, may do so by clicking on the PDF document below.

There is so much to look forward to in 2016 including;

  • Brown and Black Belt Courses
  • Our Club Kata Tournament – open to everyone
  • Ultimate Training Weekend 9
  • JKS Tournaments
  • Kagawa Shihan Course
  • Combined Assistants and Instructor Training
  • Cadet Classes and Regional Gradings
  • A Special Course and Dan Grading with Alan Campbell
  • A Kata Course with multiple-time British Kata Champion and WKF competitor John Gardiner Sensei

There is so much to keep everyone motivated and more importantly – improving their karate!

Events Calendar FV Jan – July 2016