hank you to everyone who has booked onto our classes.
It will be lovely to see you all again!
We want to make sure that all of our families know exactly what we are doing to keep you safe. May we ask that you discuss the following with your children so that they know what to expect.
Our classes won’t be the same but we must encourage them to adapt under these different circumstances we all find ourselves in. Children who can withstand change, will become co-operative and resilient adults.
If we all work together and be considerate of others, we can make sure that our return is a permanent one!
First and foremost, please do not attend if you are showing any symptoms of COVID-19. Stay at home and book a test. For more info on this visit: https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19/testing-and-tracing/get-a-test-to-check-if-you-have-coronavirus/
Please arrive in your Gi. Ready for class. Changing facilities may not be available at every venue. Be prepared.
You will need to bring a pair of clean and dry trainers to change into and a drink for the break. You do not need mitts and pads or your attendance card.
Please arrive no more than 10 minutes before the class is due to start.
Students must queue at the door and stay at least 1 metre apart.
Your Sensei will meet you at the door. Parents are ask to drop their children and come back to collect them at the end. We are not able to allow spectators into our classes for now. We have your details and will look after your children. As soon as we can change, this we will.
Please do not leave until we have checked your child’s temperature. If your child has a high temperature you will be asked to take them home. They can then take part in any ZOOM class that is running (free of charge). Please choose a day and contact us for a link.
Anyone over 11 years old must wear a mask in indoor settings by law, that came into force on Saturday 8 August. Once you are inside the dojo, you can remove your mask and place it in your bag. We DO NOT expect people to train in masks, however, if you want to, you can. Instructors will be wearing a mask at the door (unless medically exempt) but will be teaching the class without a mask on.
Your child will be signed into the class by the Instructor using our APP and their attendance will be automatically tracked online. Attendance at both physical classes and on ZOOM classes will all count towards your next grade. You/your child will still receive encouragement certificates and rewards for good attendance.
They will then be asked to sanitise their hands.
Upon entering the dojo, students must change their shoes into a pair of clean and dry trainers or sports shoes and leave belongings at the side.
Then, they can choose an area (unless you are allocated one by an Assistant or Senior Grade) and wait in that area for the Instructor to begin the class.
No running around, no messing about or making loud and unnecessary noise.
Students over the age of 10 will be expected to stay in their area.
We know this will be difficult for young children so please do not worry about them getting told off. There has to be a degree of flexibility with little ones.
The class will then begin.
We have to adapt our classes in the following ways;
  • NO contact between members of different households.
  • NO kumite.
  • No use of equipment apart from cones to mark out the areas.
  • No shouting
  • Kiai’s must be no louder than talking volume
  • If you need the toilet, you must ask to go. Once you have used the toilet and flushed, please put down the toilet seat and WASH YOUR HANDS.
  • Wherever possible try to remain within your own area when training. We appreciate this will be difficult when practising Kata etc.
Class will finish 5 minutes early and you will be dismissed a line at a time starting with the back row.
Please collect your belongings and queue more than 1 metre apart to leave. Your Sensei will let you out one at a time.
May we ask parents to practise social distancing outside the door. If a parent needs to speak to the Sensei, please wait until the whole class has left so that you do not keep others waiting.
We hope that you enjoy our classes! Oss!

***ZOOM Links***
ZOOM lessons are still available for those who couldn’t get places at classes or would prefer to stay at home for now.
These are booked through the App. We have classes Monday to Friday and they are £6 per household.
If you need to book more than one person on, just pay for one and book all the other household members onto the ZOOM class without paying (navigate away from payment screen). I will then cancel the rest of the invoices.
This will allow us to track your ‘attendance’ online and ZOOM lessons WILL count towards your gradings.
The following Instructors are teaching this week:
Monday: Louise Hopkinson Sensei
Tuesday: Callum Miles Sensei
Wednesday: Dave and Debbie Sensei
Thursday: Helen Finney Sensei
Friday: Emma Ginn Sensei
Once you have booked and paid, I will send you the link out on the day.