IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: With the Government’s advice changing significantly over the last 24 hours, all face-to-face training sessions will stop with immediate effect, with classes moving online for all our members in the coming days.

This decision has been a tough one to make by the leadership of the Club, following our meeting last night and we firmly believe it’s the right one.

Evening classes, one to one training and events are all cancelled until further notice.

Our number one priority is the health and well being of all the Red Tiger Karate family members and we would encourage you all to follow the Government guidelines to keep ourselves and family members safe during these unprecedented times.

Coming soon……..Dojo training turns into home dojo training!

We are acting swiftly to put plans in place to give all our students and Instructors the option to keep up their training at home!

It is imperative that we all try to maintain some level of practise, fitness, normality and routine (especially for our junior members) throughout this challenging time.

For the coming weeks, we will be approaching our practice from the perspective of solo training with the aim being; that this will not diminish the quality of our individual progress. Karate is an individual sport and the beauty of the sport we all love is the endless ways in which we can approach our training.

The classes we plan to deliver will require nothing more than a little bit of space and a willing karateka!

Keep your eye on the website over the next few days for more details of how you can take part in our online classes.

With so much negative news in the media at the moment we must look after one another.

We as karatekas should be doing all we can to remain positive and focused at this time. It is so easy to become disillusioned and frightened by all the uncertainty. Focus on your own behaviour and always look for the good. these difficult times will pass.

  • Use your spare time for good. Do what you can to look after all of your friends, family members and neighbours at this time, not just those deemed vulnerable.
  • Continue to exercise/train and set new goals for when we are all back up and running.
  • Perhaps you can focus on improving your strength, flexibility, power output and speed
  • Take care of your own body with the right nutrition so you’ll be fighting fit!
  • Enjoy the extra time with your family.

For more advice regarding staying safe and if you are experiencing any symptoms of ill health follow the advice using the link below…..