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Huge turnout for our John Gardiner Sensei Course/ Okamoto Sensei visit


We hosted John Gardiner Sensei at our Thornleigh Dojo on Saturday 14th May 2016. John Sensei is a well-accomplished Kata Champion with numerous national titles to his name. He visited our Club to deliver two Kata sessions, one for Kyu Grades and one for Dan Grades.There was John Gardiner Dan Gradesa fantastic turnout with almost 100 students training over the course of the day and our students thoroughly enjoyed both sessions. John Sensei is an exceptionally talented karate ka and he was able to move and demonstrate so quickly that if you blinked, you’d have missed it! Lightning speed, technique and accuracy.

The Kyu grades focused on dynamic kicking exercises (keri waza), stance transitions, Kata Heian Nidan and Kata Bassai Dai plus Bunkai (Kata application). The Dan grades worked on advanced dynamic kicking exercises (keri waza) and Kata Kanku Dai focusing on generating speed through your stance transitions and sharp hip movement. We also broke down the Kata and learned the Bunkai.

John Gardiner and Kyu Grades

John Sensei managed to cover a lot in just three hours and I’m certain that everybody left the session feeling inspired and having learned a lot. You must remember what you have learned and incorporate it into your own training. Never go away from a course and discard what you have been taught. It is the only way to get better.

Huge thank you to John Sensei for the visit and also our students and Instructors who took part in the course. Without our students being so enthusiastic and eager to learn, we would not be able to bring in guest Instructors like John Sensei.

We look forward to seeing you again soon.

Our next special course will be with JKS World Headquarters Instructor and Hombu Dojo Graduate Saori Okamoto Sensei. She is the JKS World Kata and Kumite Champion. It is our great pleasure to host another World-Class Instructor here at Red Tiger. Her courses are always challenging yet enjoyable at the same time. She is fantastic with children in particular and can really help you improve your karate in all areas.

She is a warm and friendly Instructor but is an absolute beast to train with and alongside. If you are a bit on the lazy side, do not book on, you will not enjoy this one and you won’t get away without working hard! If you are up for a top workout with an absolute BOSS, then Okamoto Sensei is your woman. There is a reason why she is the best in the business. Come and see for yourself.

Okamoto Sensei is doing a UK tour and our course immediately follows the JKS Summer Course which includes expert tuition from not only Okamoto Sensei but also JKS England Head Instructor Alan Campbell Sensei, everyone’s favourite hard man Matt Price Sensei and also Steve Carless Sensei from Walsall Karate. Th Summer Course is on Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th July and you can book this event direct via the JKS England website.

Our two courses will take place on Monday 26th July and booking forms will be available online and in classes very soon. This is a ticket only event and you will not be permitted to pay on the day.

Okamoto Sensei Course