Huge trophy haul for JKS England at JKS Scotland Championships

We are thrilled to report that the JKS England Squad led by Matt Price Sensei  enjoyed a hugely successful day at the JKS Scotland Championships in Grangemouth on Sunday 18th October.
The final trophy tally stood at 33 comprising of:
9 x 1st Place
9 x 2nd Place
15 x 3rd Place
The team just keeps going from strength to strength with results and performances improving at each competition. It was a superb experience for our Red Tiger competitors; Lori-Ann Moran, Connor Cherry, Rebecca Cain, Hannah Cain and Grace Baron who enjoyed a superbly organised event. They supported one another brilliantly and fought bravely throughout the day.
Together we witnessed the JKS Female World Kata and Kumite Champion Saori Okamoto Sensei perform a breathtaking Kata Sochin. We were also inspired by the competitors who took part in the disability event which followed Okamoto Sensei’s demonstration. The effort, determination and enthusiasm showed by these karate-ka captivated the room and the winner from Lee Lamb’s Kensho Dojo (JKS England) easily received the biggest applause of the day. What a brilliant young man!
Michael Cherry has recorded Okamoto Sensei’s Kata and put it on our facebook group page. It is well worth a look if you get chance. The video does not do it justice. To witness her incredible speed, power, timing and precision was an incredibly humbling and motivating experience for us all.
Well done to both Grace Baron and Hannah Cain who managed to pick up three trophies between them:
Hannah Cain came 2nd in the Womens Individual Kumite which is a remarkable achievement at just 17 years old.
Grace Baron came 3rd in 12-15 years Individual Kata (her first time in this tough age group) and also 3rd in the under 16’s Junro Kata beating off some high-level competition in an enormous group.
Lori-Ann, Becky and Connor made good progress and are starting to score points and get through a few rounds in Kata. Remember, your karate is good and competitive success is all about learning what the judges want to see. Keep trying hard and putting yourself in the game and you will continue to improve each time.
Here are a few pictures from yesterday courtesy of Joanne and Michael Cherry, Julie Moran, Mike Baron Sensei and Michelle Baron. Thanks for taking fab photos and supporting the team on the day. Thanks also to Joanne for her first aid skills! She is a star.
Lori-Ann Connor Cherry 2 Connor Cherry GB Hannah Cain 2 Hannah CainOkamoto Sensei Rebecca Cain Grace Baron