****Helen Finney – Newly Qualified Assistant Instructor****


Congratulations to Helen Finney who successfully managed to pass her Assistant Instructor examination at her very first attempt.

Mike Beckwith Sensei conducted her assessment on Wednesday 11th October at the Chesham class where Helen has been training to teach under the watchful eye on Teresa Withington Sensei. By all accounts Helen’s performance at the assessment was excellent. She ran a great class and taught with the professionalism and confidence of someone who has been teaching for years and years! Well done. Sounds like you will make a great Instructor and continue to develop awesome students at the Chesham Class.

Huge congratulations to both Helen and Teresa Sensei who over the years has been responsible for making some fab Instructors. Big thanks to Mike Beckwith Sensei who gave up his time to assess Helen and he had the following to say:

“If you want to see a text book assessment, then Helen’s’ was the one to watch.

Even though there were 11 new students in the class, it didn’t bother Helen at all. She started the class with a warm welcome and explanation of where the fire exits etc where. Then followed a nice brisk warm up and stretching.

After the warm up Teresa Sensei took the new ones off separately so that Helen could concentrate on her assessment.

She breezed through the strikes, blocks, kicks and stances scoring perfect 10’s in each section. She got in amongst the students to correct them and was more than ably assisted by her cadet leaders Joe and Megan. She tested the students stances brilliantly and explained perfectly why stances are important.

Her interaction with the class was excellent and her demonstrations were precise and on point and used her cadet leaders to great effect.

Even the kata and kumite sections, that people usually struggle with, were done perfectly going through Heian Sandan and Kihon Ippon. Helen corrected faults and made sure the students bowed in nice and strong in kata and attacked true and controlled in the kumite.

Helen is one of the first people to have to do the new and updated syllabus and with support and input from Teresa Sensei she absolutely nailed it! All this and it was her birthday too!!!

Big thanks to the students at Chesham for being so good and to Teresa Withington Sensei for producing yet another quality Assistant Instructor.

Finally, well done Helen and welcome to the team. A fabulous assessment.”